Child Brainwashing. Sad

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    quite sad when you send your kids off to another country for no reason....if my parents sent me here id shank a guard get deported...if they don't i will make the next one fatal....behavioral modification my ass. Im a trained killer.

  2. Unreal man, can't believe parents would do that ****. And you know that guy is makin tons of cash. All Jamaican workforce, they probably work for pennies a day. I'd take those flip flops off and shove em right up one of the guards ass then go straight for the jackass that runs the place and treat him to a nice ass woopin.

    Honestly if your kids are getting out of line like that it's the probably the parents fault. Kids aren't born misfits they evolve into one. The parents should get the boot camp, sorry I mean behavioral correction center.

  3. Quite simply in my eyes, is there is such a lack of accountability today. It's much easier to push away a problem, rather than deal with it head on. SAD

  4. Stupid parents paying $40,000 to someone so they can do what the parents were supposed to do in the first place. If they don't like parenting then they should not have kids, that's why there's a bunch of punk ass spoiled kids now a day. Too bad they haven't found a cure for stupidity.

  5. There is an excellent discussion on this article over at



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