*** The Official HXC Music Thread ***

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  1. *** The Official HXC Music Thread ***

    I've been naming/recommending some bands that like in other threads, so I figured I would start a thread of xHardcorex bands I like. I might list a few heavy/metal bands I dig, but mainly bands with HXC roots, which includes the sub-catgories of the genre: Metal-Core, Melodic-Core, etc...

    If you recommend a band feel free to post.

    40 SLS Myspace Page

    A Well Thought Tragedy Myspace Page
    Alcina Myspace Page
    Arise and Ruin Myspace Page
    As I Lay Dying (AILD) Myspace Page
    August Burns Red Myspace Page

    Bury Your Dead Myspace Page

    Catherine Myspace Page

    The Destiny Project fka dESTINY Myspace Page
    xDisciplex A.D.

    Ghost of a Fallen Age Myspace Page

    The Handshake Murders Myspace Page

    I Killed The Prom Queen Myspace Page

    Ligeia Myspace Page

    Madball Myspace Page
    Misery Signals Myspace Page

    Norma Jean Myspace Page

    Oh, Sleeper Myspace Page
    One King Down

    Parkway Drive Myspace Page

    Soldiers Myspace Page
    Strife Myspace Page

    Thick as Blood Myspace Page
    Throwdown Myspace Page
    Too Pure to Die Myspace Page
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  2. As I Lay Dying (AILD)


    I figured I would start off with this band, because they are probably in my top 5, plus the have a new release 8/21/07. They are probably one of the more recongnized Metal-core bands around thanks to siging to Metal Blade records, and Headbanger's Ball IMO

    wiki:As I Lay Dying are a Christian metalcore band. They are currently signed to Metal Blade Records. The band's members have stated there is no correlation between the band's name and the novel of the same name by William Faulkner. The band recently won the "Ultimate Metal God" award from MTV2 at the first annual "All That Rocks" special.


    As I Lay Dying were formed in 2001 by vocalist Tim Lambesis after leaving the band Society's Finest where he was playing guitar. The San Diego band first took shape as a trio, with guitarist Evan White and drummer Jordan Mancino completing the lineup. They soon signed with Pluto Records and one month into the bands career, the group went into a recording studio to record their first album Beneath the Encasing of Ashes, released in June of 2001. In 2002, the band recorded five additional songs along with another San Diego heavy metal band, "American Tragedy", to record a split CD which was on Pluto Records, the same label that released the bands debut album Beneath the Encasing of Ashes

    After extensive touring and an increase in popularity, As I Lay Dying signed with "Metal Blade Records" in March of 2003. In July, 2003 the band's second full-length album, Frail Words Collapse, produced by Tim Lambesis, was released and with extensive touring with the likes of Himsa, Shadows Fall, The Black Dahlia Murder, Killswitch Engage, In Flames, Hatebreed and other popular heavy metal bands followed. Their videos for the songs of, "94 Hours" and "Forever" got heavy rotation on the networks of FUSE and MTV2's Headbanger's Ball. The band was also the No. 1 most-downloaded spot at the now-defunct MP3.com

    In the beginning of January 2005, As I Lay Dying entered Big Fish Studio in Encinitas, California (the same place they’d recorded Frail Words Collapse). In June of 2005, the band released their third full-length CD Shadows Are Security and they went on yet another massive tour to support the album, including a prominent slot at the annual Cornerstone Festival and the second stage of Ozzfest 2005 alongside Rob Zombie, Killswitch Engage, Mastodon, The Haunted, Arch Enemy, Trivium, The Black Dahlia Murder, Bury Your Dead, It Dies Today, and Soilwork. They said they were blessed to do this because they want to shed light on one of the darkest places and concerts.

    In May of 2006 both Beneath the Encasing of Ashes and the songs from their first and so far only split album (with the heavy metal band American Tragedy as the second band on the split album) were re-released through Metal Blade Records on one CD. The album contains the original and re-recordings of the songs from the split album. The CD was released because the band preferred to re-release it rather than have fans pay large sums of money to hear their early records. The band notably raised its profile in 2006 to that of a band on the verge of commercial success through their support slot on the Taste of Chaos tour in the US alongside bands such as Deftones, Thrice, Dredg, Funeral for a Friend and Story of the Year.

    In the summer of 2006 As I Lay Dying closed the Sounds of the Underground Festival. The tour included In Flames, Cannibal Corpse, Trivium, Gwar, Evergreen Terrace, Chimaira, Unearth, The Black Dahlia Murder, The Chariot, It Dies Today, Still Remains, and Terror as supporting acts.

    Bassist Clint Norris left the band on good terms during the winter of 2006, with the desire to focus on his marriage.

    In the beginning of 2007, As I Lay Dying started recording a new album originally thought to be titled "Evolution", but is now entitled "An Ocean Between Us". The album is set to be released on Aug 21, 2007.

    The band are performing on the Warped Tour 2007 during the month of August.

    Current members
    * Tim Lambesis - Vocals (2001-present)
    * Jordan Mancino - Drums (2001-present)
    * Phil Sgrosso - Guitar (2003-present)
    * Nick Hipa - Guitar (2004-present)
    * Josh Gilbert - Bass, vocals (2007-present)

    Former members
    * Noah Chase - Bass (2001)
    * Aaron Kennedy - Bass (2001-2003)
    * Evan White - Guitar (2001-2003)
    * Jasun Krebs - Guitar (2003)
    * Clint Norris - Bass, live vocals (2003-2006)

    Beneath The Encasing Of Ashes
    Catalog #: PLU007
    Release: 06/12/01
    Format: CD
    Track Listing:
    01. Beneath The Encasing Of Ashes
    02. Torn Within
    03. Forced To Die
    04. A Breath In The Eyes Of Eternity
    05. Blood Turned To Tears
    06. The Voices That Betray Me
    07. When This World Fades
    08. A Long March
    09. Surrounded
    10. Refined By Your Embrace
    11. The Innocence Spilled
    12. Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier

    As I Lay Dying / American Tragedy
    As I Lay Dying/American Tragedy Split CD
    Catalog #: PLU012
    Release: 06/18/02
    Format: CD
    Track Listing:
    01. (AILD) Illusion
    02. (AILD) The Beginning
    03. (AILD) Reinvention
    04. (AILD) The Pain Of Separation
    05. (AILD) Forever
    06. (AT) -
    07. (AT) Choking On A Dream
    08. (AT) World Intruded
    09. (AT) Spite And Splinter
    10. (AT) Porcelain Angels
    11. (AT) Moments And In Between

    Released: 07.01.2003
    1 94 Hours

    2 Falling Upon Deaf Ears
    3 Forever

    4 Collision
    5 Distance Is Darkness
    6 Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier
    7 Undefined
    8 A Thousand Steps
    9 The Beginning
    10 Song 10
    11 The Pain Of Separation
    12 Elegy

    Released: 06.14.2005
    1 Meaning In Tragedy
    2 Confined

    3 Losing Sight
    4 The Darkest Nights

    5 Empty Hearts
    6 Reflection
    7 Repeating Yesterday
    8 Through Struggle

    9 The Truth Of My Perception
    10 Control Is Dead
    11 Morning Waits
    12 Illusions

    Released: 08.21.2007
    1 Separation
    2 Nothing Left

    3 An Ocean Between Us
    4 Within Destruction
    5 Forsaken
    6 Comfort Betrays
    7 I Never Wanted
    8 Bury Us All
    9 The Sound of Truth
    10 Departed
    11 Wrath Upon Ourselves
    12 This is Who We Are
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  3. Thick as Blood

    Pretty brutal SXE band with heavy breakdowns...


    'Formed in May 2004, THICK AS BLOOD began as seven members forging ahead with a new band that will continue the tradition of South Florida Straight Edge. Harrowing vocals coupled with pummeling breakdowns will leave the listener longing for more. Their convictions infused with influences from today's heavy hitters such as HATEBREED, TERROR, and SWORN ENEMY will make sure they are a staple in today's hardcore scene.

    Since their inception, THICK AS BLOOD has been making waves not only at home, but on their lengthy tours across the East Coast. They have shared the stage with the likes of EVERGREEN TERRACE, UNTIL THE END, HOODS, and many more. THICK AS BLOOD has one goal in mind, and that is to get their music out to as many people as possible, while trying to be the best at what they do.

    In 2007, the seven piece will be releasing their debut full length for Eulogy Recordings. Their posterity not only holds new material and extensive tour dates across the U.S., but a drive and will to push towards the top. One thing is certain, the future is bright for THICK AS BLOOD."' -eulogyrecordings.com

    Moment Of Truth

    1. New Bloods
    2. Lead The Victory
    3. Hold Fast
    4. Moment Of Truth
    5. Dead To Me
    6. Hopeless
    7. Abolitionist
    8. Officer Rodriguez
    9. Day After Day
    10. 2005
  4. Too Pure To Die

    Staying with the brutal SXE theme.

    Wow looks like Too Pure To Die signed with Trustkill. Hope this is a good sign that Trustkill is going back to teh Heavy, and not Too Pure going the way of Throwdown....But they have a new vocalist, so we will see.

    Aug 29, 2007
    Trustkill Records has announced the signing of Too Pure To Die to our family of artists. The Des Moines based band has been building up momentum over the past few years including their full-length release Confidence And Consequence (Sumerian Records, 2006). The band has also been touring non-stop over the past year with full U.S. and Canadian runs alongside such bands at August Burns Red, Misery Signals, Sworn Enemy, Caliban, Kataklysm and The Acacia Strain. They are about to start another full U.S. run with All That Remains this Sept running through October. Since the band released Confidence And Consequence they have added Paul Zurlo (previously of Beyond All Reason) on vocals. The band is rounded out by Jordan Peterson (guitar) Chris Towning (bass), Zach Johnson (guitar) and Kyle Rossi (drums).

    Speaking on the signing to Trustkill, Peterson proclaims “When I started this band one of my original goals was to be on Trustkill, I don’t think we could make a better move than by joining forces.” Trustkill President, Josh Grabelle echoes the sentiments by saying “There are some bands that get together and expect the world handed to them on a silver platter. Not Too Pure To Die. These guys get out there and DO what other bands TALK about doing, they're running circles around most bands. I went and saw them play live with new singer Paul and was floored, they killed it. We are super excited to see what the future holds for TPTD!" Currently the band is holed up in the recording studio working on re-recording Confidence And Consequence with new vocals from Paul and a previously unreleased track. The label aims to release the new version at the end of November. Too Pure To Die are also working on new material for their next album to surface in Summer 2008.

    We Are A Weapon
    State Of The Art Recordings
    SOAR02 - Aug 31, 2004

    1. For Me This Is Life

    2. X Up
    3. Fight To Win
    4. We Are A Weapon
    5. This Ends Tonight
    6. First To Fall
    7. The Stand
    8. Calloused
    9. Our Struggle
    10. The Last Time

    Confidence And Consequence
    Sumerian Records
    SUMR002 - Nov 21, 2006

    1. Confidence And Consequence
    2. Bad Luck
    3. Blame No One
    4. It Won't Hurt
    5. Dead To Me
    6. All In A Day
    7. 99
    8. Reflections
    9. The Best Coincidence
    10. Our Only Chance

    UPCOMING RELEASE • “Confidence And Consequence” CD Nov 20, 2007

    The newest stars from Iowa will breathe new life into their debut album "Confidence And Consequence" with new vocals from Paul Zurlo, a new mix, and mastering! Also added is a brand new bonus song, so stay tuned!

    There was an overwhelming feeling that more people needed to hear this great record. This time, the band entered the studio with Matt Sepanic and Andreas Magnussen behind the board to bring some new life to the record—this result BIGGER and BETTER.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows View Post
    Ah yeah. Their new album "Infiltrate The System" is in stores 8.21

    They have two tracks off that album on their Myspace

  6. Quote Originally Posted by xjsynx View Post
    Ah yeah. Their new album "Infiltrate The System" is in stores 8.21

    They have two tracks off that album on their Myspace
    Word they got a new album, that's cool.
    I stopped paying attention a few years ago, but I still listen to all their older cds.

    My favorite is probably Demonstrating my style ... lots of memories with that one.
  7. Madball

    Old School NYHC at it's finest.


    wiki: Madball is a New York band that originated back in the late 1980s, as a side-project of the legendary NYHC outfit Agnostic Front (Where AF's front man Roger Miret would let his younger brother Freddy "Madball" Cricien take the microphone on lead vocals during AF shows).

    After releasing the Ball of Destruction single in 1989, the buzz around the streets was the question of when was Madball going to play next gave birth to an early version of the band playing live on other bills then just AF shows. It wasn't until 1991 when Madball truly hit their stride, when the lineup of Freddy Cricien on vocals, guitarists Matt Henderson and Vinnie Stigma, drummer Will Shepler, and bassist Hoya Roc of Dmize joined forces. The new version of the band (not just all AF members) quickly recorded and released an EP called [[Droppin' Many Suckas]] in 1992, which eventually led to the band signing with Roadrunner Records in 1994. After releasing a pair of well-received full-lengths (1994's Set It Off and 1996's Demonstrating My Style) and touring steadily, the band built a sizeable fan base outside their hometown.

    1995 saw the band participating in the N.Y.H.C. Documentary. Extensive interviews were conducted with Freddy as well as a performance on July 29th, 1995 at the now defunct "Coney Island High". Freddy's brother, Roger, broke several vertebrae in his back at that show, requiring him to be in traction for the better part of a year.

    Consisting of Cricien, Henderson, Hoya, and new drummer John Lafatta, the band recorded Look My Way, which was released in the spring of 1998. Hold It Down followed two years later. For the past three years Madball has come out with a CD evey year: Best of Madball in 2003, N.Y.H.C. (EP) in 2004, & what many consider their finest album yet, Legacy in 2005.

    Madball is still heavily promoting their latest release "Legacy" on Ferret Records with tour dates all around the world. Along with bands such as Agnostic Front, Vietnom, Bulldoze, Resistance and H2O, they comprise a part of New York's DMS Crew. Vocalist Cricien and bass player Hoya are also in the band Hazen Street, along with members of H2O, Cro-Mags, Angels and Airwaves, and Box Car Racer.

    The band announced on their official MySpace page that they will release a new album by fall of 2007; there is also a DVD release planned in the near future.

    * Freddy "Madball" Cricien- Vocals
    * Hoya Roc - Bass
    * Mitts - Guitar
    * Rigg Ross - Drums

    Past members
    * Vinnie Stigma - Guitar (Agnostic Front)
    * Matt Henderson - Guitar (Agnostic Front)
    * Beto (Rob Rosario) - Guitar (Dmize, 25 Ta Life)
    * Will Shepler - Drums (Agnostic Front)
    * John Lafata - Drums (Mind Over Matter, Neglect, Sheer Terror)
    * Darren Morgenthaler - Drums (Maximum Penalty)

    (Century Media 1989)
    01. Smell the Bacon (What's With You?)
    02. Discriminate Me
    03. We Should Care
    04. Colossal Man
    05. Get Out Listen
    06. Last Warning
    07. Fight Listen
    08. It's My Life
    09. Smell the Bacon (What's With You?)
    10. Spit on Your Grave
    11. Discriminate Me
    12. Never Had It
    13. Ready to Fight
    14. Get Out
    15. Across Your Face
    16. We Should Care
    17. No Return
    18. Step to You
    19. Friend or Foe
    20. It's My Life

    (Roadrunner Records 1994)
    01. Set It Off

    02. Lockdown
    03. New York City
    04. Never Had It
    05. It's Time
    06. C.T.Y.C. (R.I.P.)
    07. Across Your Face
    08. Down by Law

    09. Spit on Your Grave
    10. Face to Face
    11. Smell the Bacon (What's With You?)
    12. Get Out Listen
    13. World Is Mine

    (Roadrunner Records 1996)
    01. Demonstrating my Life
    02. Unity
    03. Live Or Die
    04. Pride (Times Are Changing)

    05. Streets Of Hate
    06. Back Of The bus
    07. Hardcore Still Lives!
    08. Nuestra Familia
    09. 5-0
    10. Addict
    11. True To The Game
    12. Godfather
    13. In Memory Of...
    14. Ball Of Destruction

    (Roadrunner Records 1998)
    01. Look My Way

    02. Moment Of Truth
    03. Cut Off
    04. Temptation Or Restraint
    05. Waste Of Time
    06. False Threats
    n 07. Pushin' Me
    08. Walk Away
    09. Our Family
    10. Lesson Of Life
    11. All I Can Take
    12. Been There, Done That

    (Epitaph Records 2000)
    01. Intro
    02. Can't Stop, Won't Stop
    03. Hold It Down
    04. Fall This Time
    05. Everyday Hate
    06. Done...
    07. Say What?
    08. D.I.F.M.M.
    09. Show No Fear
    10. Never Look Back
    11. Still Searching
    12. Confessions
    13. Thinking to Myself
    14. Semper Fi

    (Roadrunner Records 2002)
    01. Set It Off
    02. New York City
    03. It's Time
    04. Across Your Face
    05. Down by Law
    06. Smell the Bacon (What's With You?)
    07. Get Out
    08. Friend or Foe
    09. Demonstrating My Style
    10. Unity
    11. Live or Die
    12. Pride (Times Are Changing)
    13. Hardcore Still Lives!
    14. Nuestra Familia
    15. Ball of Destruction
    16. Look My Way
    17. Moment of Truth
    18. Waste of Time
    19. Been There, Done That
    20. Talkin' to Myself

    NYHC (EP)
    (Thorp Records 2002)
    01. For My Enemies
    02. Tight Rope
    03. My Rage
    04. Para Mi Gente

    (Ferret Music 2005)
    01. Adapt And Overcome
    02. Heavenhell

    03. Behind These Walls
    04. Legacy
    05. Timebomb
    06. Darkest Days
    07. The Crown
    08. War And Hate
    09. Until Then
    10. Final Round
    11. Pretty Dirty
    12. For My Enemies
    13. 100%
    14. Hardcore Pride
    15. H.C. United
    16. Worldwide

    Infiltrate The System
    Ferret Records
    FRT83 - Aug 21, 2007
    1. Justify
    2. Infiltrate The System
    3. Revolt
    4. No Escape
    5. Takeover
    6. Renegades
    7. Set Me Free
    8. The Messenger
    9. Liberty Or Death
    10. A Novelty
    11. You're Gone
    12. P.Y.I.T.F. Part 3
    13. Stand Up NY
  8. The Handshake Murders

    The Handshake Murders tear it up. Remind me a lot of Coalesce. The band is made up of members of Norma Jean & Spitfire.


    Found a few live tracks, but audio is pretty crappy

    The music of defeat, of mud and ash, THE HANDSHAKE MURDERS, this is what we are. We are thread and flesh clinging to processed bodies and encompassing desire. We are nowhere. We are Arkansas. We are the singular erratic formation of five years and competence, a journey of crippling respiration and dispersing cries of hope. We are a juggernaut splintering the future. We are human, and we are increase.

    Essays on the Progression of Man: What Time and Earth Would Not Bury
    Southern Death Records
    SOUDR01 - Aug 30, 2005
    1. The Victim
    2. The Damned
    3. The Beast
    4. The Blind

    Goodfellow Records
    GF44 - Mar 6, 2007
    1. Into The Mouth Of Fear/Dissector
    2. Bloodline
    3. Painted Contortionist
    4. A New Enemy
    5. Error
    6. Mind Bender
    7. How To Kill
    8. The New Human
    9. Apostate
    10. Myopia
    11. Of Cult And Atrophy
  9. Misery Signals


    wiki:Misery Signals is a melodic technical hardcore band formed in Wisconsin in 2002. The sound of their music is defined by bright melodies backed up by odd time signatures, heavy riffs and breakdowns. They are known in the metalcore scene for their musicianship and energetic live shows.

    Misery Signals was formed after the break-ups of several bands, those bands being 7 Angels 7 Plagues, Hamartia and Compromise. Having played temporarily with 7 Angels 7 Plagues, former Compromise vocalist Jesse Zaraska was approached by Ryan Morgan and Kyle Johnson for a new project, which would become Misery Signals. Jeff Aust from Hamartia at that point filled out the lineup on second guitar, and Ryan Morgan's brother Branden took the drums. Aust soon left the band and has since gone on to join With Honor, he was replaced by Stu Ross - a friend of Jesse Zaraska's from Edmonton, Canada.

    The band eventually signed to New Jersey's Ferret Records, releasing their first full-length, Of Malice and the Magnum Heart. After extensive touring, Zaraska decided to leave the band to focus on a smaller, less aggressive project named Sleeping Girl, at which point the rest of the band decided to put up an instrumental song on their MySpace page, encouraging anyone who wanted to take over the spot of vocalist to record their own voice over the instrumental and e-mail it to the band. This was the way they found new vocalist Karl Schubach, with whom they recorded their next album, Mirrors.

    State Of The Art Recordings
    SOAR01 - Feb 11, 2003
    Track listing
    1. The Year Summer Ended in June
    2. Lie Captive
    3. Like Yesterday
    4. Dream Atlantic
    5. Echoes I: Mark The Path
    6. Echoes II: Blessing Or Curse

    Of Malice And The Magnum Heart
    Ferret Records
    FRT45 - Jun 1, 2004
    1. A Victim, A Target
    2. In Response To Stars
    3. The Year Summer Ended In June

    4. In Summary Of What I Am
    5. The Stinging Rain
    6. Worlds & Dreams
    7. Murder
    8. On Account Of An Absence
    9. Five Years
    10. Difference Of Vengence And Wrongs

    Ferret Records
    FRT70 - Aug 22, 2006
    1. Face Yourself
    2. The Failsafe

    3. Post Collapse
    4. Migrate
    5. One Day I'll Stay Home
    6. Something Was Always Missing, But It Was Never You
    7. Reverence Lost
    8. Sword Of Eyes
    9. An Offering To The Insatiable Sons Of God (Butcher)
    10. Anchor
    11. Mirrors

  10. The Acacia Strain are bad ass...I also dig The Devil Wears Prada. I pre-ordered Plaques along with AILD, Madball, & Full Blown Chaos...

    Estella sound pretty solid as well, but I don't recall hearing them before. I will have to check out Carthage, because Foreknown is pretty solid...
  11. The Destiny Project fka dESTINY

    A pretty solid German band that is heavy and melodic. They have a new release in September, just hoping to get a copy stateside.


    In the end of 1997 five young kids decided to start a band called DESTINY. The next four years were used to get experiences in writing songs, playing shows, touring foreign countries and recording demos. Some of the recorded songs took place in several compilations. There were also a lot of line-up changes in that time, so that the current line-up wasn´t found until may 2001. In the following summer DESTINY went on their first european tour for nearly five weeks, through which they got a lot more attention in europe.
    Back home, the band started recording their first full-length DIVING INTO ETERNITY, which came out in January 2002 on Beniihana Records. The next few months were used for promoting the album by playing a lot of shows.
    In June 2002 the band went into the studio again to record 2 brandnew songs and to become more professional in refer to the work in a studio.

    In August 2002 DESTINY got signed with Lifeforce Records. Because of the fact that their debut album was sold out in Fall 2002, the band decided to do a totally remastered and new designed rerelease of DIVING INTO ETERNITY inculding two brand new bonus tracks, which came out in September 2003 on Beniihana Records.

    In August 2003 DESTINY went into the Ant Farm Studio in Denmark to record their first Lifeforce album which has been released in March 2004.

    Diving Into Eternity
    Beniihana Records
    special repress edition sold out
    released September 2003
    Original release January 2002
    01. Diving Into Eternity
    02. Like A Feather In The Lullaby
    03. Sun Rises First
    04. My Day In Your Summer
    05. The Admiration Of Sadness
    06. An Ardent Wish
    07. Inner Virtue
    08. Spring In Winter
    09. Scenic Road
    10. Reinventing The Feeling I Almost Unlearned To Feel
    *11. Portrait For You: Lost And Dissolved In Tears
    *12. Killing Words For A Naive Heart
    *Special Edition Bonus Track

    The Tracy Chapter
    Lifeforce Records
    LFR042 - Apr 20, 2004
    1. Forsaken Love
    2. Your Diary
    3. Passing Moments

    4. Skies Dressed In Black
    5. Love Is My Death
    6. Revival Of April
    7. Naunyn Street
    8. To Embrace Beauty
    9. Reyes
    10. The Admiration Of Sadness
    11. Tibi - Omnia Quae Sum
    12. Kiss Us Goodbye

    Project Hoax
    Label: Nuclear Blast
    coming 09/21/07
    01. The Personal Revolution
    02. Project Hoax

    03. Welcome Overboard
    04. The Appeal
    05. Daeva
    06. Escape The Living Plan
    07. Rebel Press
    08. Walk In Step With The March Of History
    09. The Frequency
    10. Neurosis And Projection
    11. With A Modern Punk Flavor
    12. Mithra
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  12. As I Lay Dying's enitre CD "An Ocean Between Us" is on their MySpace page

  13. sheesh..no love for bleeding through?

  14. i think from atumn to ashes is pretty bad ass

  15. funeral for a friend..more screamo/emo ish but bad ass

  16. Quote Originally Posted by liftitbig85 View Post
    sheesh..no love for bleeding through?
    Much love for Bleeding Through. I cross my fingers as I say this, but Brandon and the crew are the only ones staying to true to their HXC roots from the OC crew.

    I am not all that suprised to see what happened to EighteenVisions, but now Throwdown? Their new stuff is crap...
  17. Throwdown

    Another SXE band: When I first heard Throwdown, I was hooked. The breakdowns were brutal...Then a new singer took over, and they just weren't the same...

    They came to Denver twice when I listend to them. One time my buddy was putting on the show, but they had van problems and didn't get into town until late and everybody had left. The 2nd time I got to see them preform in a junk yard with Bleeding Through and 18V.

    This is a pretty accurate description of their style: "a mix between Hatebreed and Disciple. Metallic hc with totally brutal crunching mosh parts ala Hatebreed combined with the hard, scathing vocal fury of Disciple. Good mix of brutal mosh & metal combined with fast & old school parts."


    Part 1: The Classic Throwdown (1997-2002)
    Keith, the original vocalist formed the band with and Javier Van Huss. Former Eighteen Visions guitarist and current Bleeding Through vocalist Brandan Schieppati was also a member of the group early on, though not an original member. Schiepettati replaced Eighteen Visions bassist Javier Van Huss shortly before the band recorded their demo and Throwdown for Prime Directive Records.

    Part 2: The New Throwdown (2002-Present)
    In 2002, then-second guitarist Dave Peters offered to do vocals when Barney was unable to finish up full sets from exhaustion. Some people say that this when the band changed into the "new" Throwdown. On technicality there are currently no original members in Throwdown anymore, however people who consider the Peters-fronted Throwdown a different band are okay with this, because Peters has never left his spot as vocalist since he volunteered the position.

    The Get Siiiick Throwdown

    1. Sellout
    2. The Enemy
    3. As We Choke
    4. Decay

    Beyond Repair
    Indecision Records
    1. No One
    2. Falling Forward
    3. Don't Lose Sight
    4. Slip
    5. Power Figure
    6. Standing Tall
    7. Sellout
    8. Never Too Old
    9. The Enemy
    10. Laid To Rest
    11. I Will Stand
    12. As We Choke
    13. Get Sick

    Drive Me Dead
    Indecision Records
    1. Raise Your Fist

    2. Sinner
    3. Break That Last Glass
    4. Step It Up
    5. Sincere* Cd Only

    You Don't Have To Be Blood To Be Family
    Indecision Records
    1. Unite
    2. Trust
    3. Family
    4. Accept The Change
    5. The Perfect Story
    6. Together Rising
    7. Program
    8. Lost In Time
    9. No More Hate
    10. Too Little, Too Late
    11. The Edge Is Strong

    Face the Mirror
    1. Face The Mirror
    2. Live Life. No Rules
    3. Into Me
    4. Nothing Left
    5. Baby Got Back

    _________Downhill from here:__________

    Trustkill Records
    TK43 - Jul 22, 2003
    1. Intro (Never Back Down)
    2. Walk Away
    3. Nothing Left
    4. You Can't Kill Integrity
    5. Forever

    6. Hopeless
    7. Declare Your War
    8. False Idols
    9. Slip
    10. Hate For The Weak
    11. The Only Thing
    12. Step It Up
    13. Face The Mirror
    14. Raise Your Fist

    Trustkill Records
    TK63 - Jun 28, 2005
    1. We Will Rise
    2. Speak The Truth
    3. Vendetta
    4. Burn

    5. Discipline
    6. To Live Is To Sacrifice
    7. Give My Life
    8. The World Behind
    9. Shut You Down
    10. Annihilation (N.W.D.)
    11. This Is Where It Ends

    Venom & Tears
    Trustkill Records
    TK94 - Aug 7, 2007
    1. Holy Roller
    2. Day Of The Dog
    3. S.C.U.M.
    4. Americana
    5. Weight Of The World
    6. Cancer
    7. Hellbent (On War)
    8. No Love
    9. Venom & Tears
    10. I'll Never Die A Poisoned Death
    11. I, Suicide
    12. Godspeed
    Last edited by xjsynx; 08-23-2007 at 06:29 PM.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by liftitbig85 View Post
    i think from atumn to ashes is pretty bad ass

    funeral for a friend..more screamo/emo ish but bad ass
    From Autumn to Ashes demo on Tribunal Records, which is a great label BTW, anywho"Sin, Sorrow and Sadness" My favorite stuff by them. The CD came in a plastic sleeve

    I like two songs that I know of from Funeral For a Friend: "Red Is the New Black" is a bad ass song IMO

  19. Wow, one of the topics I could probably discuss for years on end and never get bored! Hmm off the top of my head what do I want to share...

    Personally I grew up with the old Boston and NYC scenes. I look back in awe because friends of mine were in bands that went on to become legendary, mainly Slapshot and Overcast. I saw the last Youth of Today show, I saw several of the last Shelter shows, I never got to see Judge live but I love them to this day (still own and wear several of their shirts). I knew Dave Smalley from DYS, he owned a building a friend of mine lived in and he was heavily involved in local school art programs...very very nice guy. Had run-ins with many people back then who became legends over time and the memories are priceless. I remember buying the Judge "Chung King Can Suck It" record from a member of Inside Out, probably merely months before they became RATM. Choke from Slapshot now lives right near my parents and I ran into his wife when I was down there visiting for my birthday last weekend....weird how these things happen.

    Haven't been into it much lately, I went on OzzFest 2005 with two of my close friends' bands (Shadows Fall and Killswitch Engage) and did some production work for them on some material for their DVDs. The last ten years or so I've been performing less and doing more production and technical work, sadly losing touch with my ability to enjoy a show or have time to be in the pit. I was in one of the later-to-be-legendary bands before they became well-known, don't bother asking which one because I won't discuss it until our reunion plans are solidified, but when we got together this past winter to discuss a reunion and releasing a whole album worth of material that never got out, I got a bad taste in my mouth because the guys seemed to mainly be in it for the money these days. I'd still be in it for the music only, I'd play and even tour for free, and I told them to call me back when they decide to do it for the sake of the music and the fans. That was in February and my phone hasn't rang from anyone in that band since then.

    I think that's enough for now...I just love to reminisce...or however it's spelled...

    Anyone else on here from the old Boston/CT/Providence/NY scene?


    I forgot to ask...speaking of Madball, whom I forgot all about, does anyone remember Downset? Kind of like the west coast's answer to Madball, I always liked them better!

    Oh and Trustkill Records...wow...almost anything they or Bridge 9 ever EVER put out has been incredible! Two of the best labels out there, picking up where Century Media left off when they got too black/death back in the late 90s...no offense to bands on CM, but I liked the label much better before they signed every single black metal band who asked...

  20. My buddy loves old school HXC. I dig a lot of bands, and even more so now, but when I started listening to HXC was in the mid 90's to bands like Earth Crisis, Strife, Living Sacrifice, and a little band you might have heard of, Hatebreed.

    But I know what you are saying though. I remember meeting and talking to Jamie Hatebreed whenever they came to Denver. And buy a few CD's he was pimping out of a box...They way HXC bands use to make money, and just enough to tour...

    I listened to some Overcast, Aftershock, Red Tide, Fortydaysrain, etc, and some Kill Switch Engage, but I prefer the current singer's previous band, Blood Has Been Shed, who I got a chance to see when they came to Denver.

    Their is a lot of great HXC bands to talk about, but the scene has changed. You still have bands that still play true to HXC form, but a lot are bands seem to be going main stream, and I think labels like Trustkill are leading the charge. Trustkill has released some great music over the past, but now a days it isn't been as great. Other than Terror who is playing HXC music? I dig Bleeding Through, but I just hope they don't follow the trend of the other Trustkill bands...Oh and my buddy stirred up some stuff with Trustkill by making some comments in a local zine about Walls of Jericho's female singer...

  21. ...as I was saying though, I don't care for Trustkill other than their early releases, that made a name for them. At least Bridge 9 still caters to the HXC scene.
  22. xRAINx


    With Keith back at vocals, it is remensent of Original Throwdown. Heavy beatdowns at 'vocals of fury'

    ...Keith Barney recently put his Metalcore side project xRAINx back to life and added 2 new songs on its Myspace profile.

    Two other tracks at PureVolume


    On My Own

    The Spin
    It Takes Time


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