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    methusaleh, do you mind saying who in KSE and shadows fall you are friends with? just curious cause i am a huge kse fan, although i have to agree with xjsynx in that i like blood has been shed a little better.

    another good one is dilinger escape plan, i have listened to a lot of them lately, a lot of all that remains too, although those two aren't really just hardcore
    Those bands are hardcore, just different subgenres.

    There are a lot of different HXC styles, but genrally what I classify HXC is HXC kids playing music. So somewhere down the line band or band memers are associated with the hxc scene.

    All That Remains is fronted by the old Shadows Fall singer, which was started by ex-Overcast memebers, etc...

    I am not big fan of DEP though; however, I might listen to it now and say not bad. Did you hear the cover EP they did? They covered a Justin Timberlake song. Good stuff. Something about HXC covers I love.

    Evergreen Terrace does this a lot too.

    1. Sponge - "Plow"
    2. Tears For Fears - "Mad World"
    3. Michael Sembello - "Maniac"
    4. The Offspring - "The Kids Aren't Alright
    5. Hum - "Stars"
    6. U2 - "Sunday Bloody Sunday"
    7. Operation Ivy - "Knowledge"
    8. Smashing Pumpkins -" Zero"
    9. NOFX - "Dying Degree"
    10. "Brave Reality" (Evergreen Terrace original)(Poison "Every Rose Has Its Thorn") (Featuring a cover of Drowning Pool's "Bodies")(Spongebob Cover) – 6:26

    They usually have covers on most of their albums. Like Heavy Number One...

    One of my favorite covers though is by xThrowdownx and is Baby Gots Back.

  2. Speaking of all these old bands remind me of Disembodied, Dead Guy, Kiss It Goodbye, Floor Punch, Shutdown, Brothers Keeper, etc...One band just triggers another for strange reasons sometimes...

  3. Catherine

    Catherine is a new No-Cal metalcore band on Rise Records, which are an upcoming label in the scene.

    Catherine has had comparison from AILD, Atreyu, and Underoath.


    wiki:Catherine is a Metalcore band from Sacramento, California. They are currently signed to Rise Records. On December 23, 2006, the band officially announced that Bryan Lemasters was asked to leave Catherine. Their then merch guy Nick Bradwell stepped in. Catherine started writing their next album April 16, 2006 and it was released on August 7, 2007. They will be recording for 2 weeks in Portland Oregon then leaving for tour traveling the U.S. The band is looking forward to releasing this next album, an album that they feel will be a musical break through, combining their trade mark breakdown, intelligent guitar riffs with an occasional vocal harmony...along with the growls. Guitarists Jesse Alejandrez and Robert Tobin are a recognized young (18) local talent that has caused a stir in the music industry of their hometown. As of Thursday, July 12, 2007, bassist Paul Vicory was replaced by 17 year old Steve Barboza, formerly guitarist of fellow Sacramento band Tear Down December.

    Rumor Has It: Astaroth Has Stolen Your Eyes
    Rise Records
    RISE043 - Aug 8, 2006
    1. DCLXVI
    2. Party On The Interstate
    3. Convertible
    5. Is It Tomorrow Yet?
    *not actual video, but great song with a great movie

    6. The Beggar
    7. Reach For The Sky
    8. Evil Man, Dead Man

    9. Tom The Overlord
    10. Denigration Makes John Doe Angry

    The Naturals
    Rise Records
    RISE050 - Jul 31, 2007
    CD Promo

    1. First Take
    2. The Naturals
    3. Tailor
    4. Light Brite
    5. Dear Elizabeth
    6. Fallacy
    7. Though Art A Villain
    8. Let's Pretend Like It's 1910
    9. To Be Specific
    10. Praise The Night Time
  4. xDisciplex A.D.

    xDisciplex later changing to xDisciplex A.D. is some hard hitting HXC from Erie, PA.

    Fronted by Dave Quiggle, who is responsible for a lot of the art work in hardcore.

    As far as I know xDisciplex is no longer together. Dave and other members went on to Jesus Wept who play more of a straight forward (old school) approach then the hard hitting in your face style of xDisciplex.

    Other side projects of xDisciplex members include the band Shockwave.

    OG Release: 1996
    Reissue: 1997
    1. Baregrounds
    2. Stillborn
    3. Suffocate
    4. Lantern
    5. Scarred Hands
    6. Held Accountable

    1. Trial By Fire
    2. Yahweh
    3. Shoot Our Wounded
    4. Scarab

    Imitation Of Love
    1. See Me Through
    2. Set To Destroy
    3. Candy Apple
    4. Counterfeit
    5. Heart Strings Broken
    6. Refuge And Strength
    7. Baregrounds
    8. Eyewitness
    9. Stronger
    10. Final Sunset

    GoodLife & GoodFellow Records
    No Blood, No Alter Now
    1. Pray Your Gods
    2. So Send I You
    3. River Of Life

    4. Falling Down
    5. Death Of Death
    6. Armachristi
    7. Two Faced

    Triple Crown Records
    Released: 2001
    1. Revival
    2. Told You So
    3. Venomous
    4. All Or Nothing
    5. Christ Shaped Vacuum
    6. Fight To The Death
    7. Little Big Man
    8. Open Heart Surgery
    9. Age Of Reason
    10. My Own Way
    11. Trial By Fire

    1. Two Faced
    2. Age Of Reason
    3. Eyewitness
    4. Candy Apple
    5. Heart Strings Broken
    6. Trial By Fire
    7. Yahweh
    8. Shoot Our Wounded
    9. Scarab
    10. Deadwrong
    11. Baregrounds
    12. Stillborn
    13. Suffocate
    14. Lantern
    15. Scarred Hands
    16. Held Accountable
    17. Vital Indecision
    18. Baregrounds
    *Eighteen tracks from the kings of Erie, Pennsylvania hardcore. Includes tracks from the "Scarab" 7", "Lantern" EP, various compilations, cover songs, and live material; plus a 16 page full color booklet with over 50 pictures and the full history of the band!

    The Revelation
    Triple Crown Records
    TC041 - Mar 18, 2003
    1. New Defiance
    2. Swordpath
    3. The Mission
    4. Lick Your Wounds
    5. Die Humanity
    6. Sons Of Liberty
    7. Break The Curse
    8. God Save Me
    9. New Life
    10. Total Mobilization For Total War
    11. The Revelation

    Blood Feud
    Facedown Records
    FR032 - May 20, 2003
    1. Blood Feud
    2. Last Straw
    3. One Voice For Counterrevolution
    4. Unbeliever

    Angelskin Media
    ASM03 - Jul 1, 2003
    1. Blood Fued
    2. One Voice For Counterrevolution
    3. Unbeliever
    4. Held Accountable
    5. Respect Past Due
    6. Pray Your Gods
    7. So Send I You
    8. River Of Life
    9. Falling Down
    10. Death Of Death
    11. Armachristi
    12. Two Faced
    13. See Me Through
    14. Set To Destroy
    15. Candy Apple
    16. Counterfiet
    17. Refuge And Strength
    18. Heart Strings Broken
    19. Baregrounds
    20. Eyewitness
    21. Stronger
    22. Final Sunset

  5. xjysnx man you are putting me on music overload! I can't wait to sit down and listen to some of these bands you've shared with us here!

    Brother's Keeper, wow I remember them!

    Anyone remember:

    Intent to Injure
    Ten Yard Fight
    Xessive ForceX
    Side By Side
    Token Entry


  6. Yeah, this is why I started this thread. Didn't know if I would talking to myself though

    There is not too many people I know who listen to HXC.

    Good ol Youth Crew HXC

    Ten Yard Fight was pretty solid, didn't listen too much to the other bands. I don't recall a few of them....
  7. Parkway Drive

    Parkway Drive are a metalcore band from down under that have a very heavy and brutal sound. As I recall they are part of the Aussie SXE sound in Australia.

    After pulling some info on Parkway Drive they will have a new release in October, which sounds even tighter than before.

    wiki:Parkway Drive are a metalcore band from Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia. As of 2005, Parkway Drive has released an EP, entitled Don't Close Your Eyes, two split CDs, and a full-length album, Killing with a Smile.

    Parkway Drive formed in the summer of 2003, and not long after, released a split EP with Adelaide I Killed The Prom Queen (Disbanded). Later that year, the band also made an appearance on the Byron Bay Hardcore compilation What We've Built, preceded by their debut EP, Don't Close Your Eyes.

    In May 2005, the band headed to the USA to record their debut album with renowned metal producer, Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz (who is responsible for acclaimed releases from the likes of Unearth, Underoath, Killswitch Engage, and From Autumn To Ashes) at Zing Studio in Massachusetts.

    Since the release of Don't Close Your Eyes, Parkway Drive have rapidly accumulated a loyal fanbase Australia-wide, courtesy of support slots for international acts including Hatebreed, In Flames, Chimaira, Shadows Fall, As I Lay Dying, Bleeding Through, Alexisonfire, and performances at Metal for the Brain 2005 and Australia's Hardcore 2005. They have built quite a strong reputation within the music industry, this led to their signing with Epitaph record labels.

    In June 2006, the band was signed to Epitaph Records, which released Killing with a Smile in the United States during August of that year.

    In late May 2006, second bass player Shaun Cash left the band for personal reasons with the full support of the rest of the members. The band soon found a replacement in their "merch guy" and long-time friend, Jia "Pipey" O'Connor. Now a permanent part of the line-up, he played with them for the rest of their first international tour in the UK and Europe, and later dates in the United States.

    In October 2006, they were billed as the Australian contingent on the Rockstar Taste of Chaos tour, playing alongside Anti-Flag, Underoath, Thursday, Senses Fail, Taking Back Sunday and Saosin. As of November and December 2006 they are to appear at the Homebake Festival, Sound Fest, Resist Records' tour, Soundwave Festival and Gravity G Festival before returning to the UK and Europe.

    On 3 March 2007, they played a new song, The Siren's Song, to a crowd at the venue Underworld in Camden, hinting that it may feature on a future album. A video of the band performing the song on their recent Japan tour can be found here: [1]

    They have been added to the U.S. Vans Warped Tour so far they are the only Australian band at the punk fest.

    Confirmation that the band are hitting the studio in May for recording a new release has been announced. Once again Adam Dutkiewicz of Killswitch Engage is said to be the producer of their 2nd album "Horizons".

    It has been confirmed by the Kill Your Stereo eZine that the new album will be released on the 6th of October and will be called "Horizons". On the 15th of August 2007 Winston did an interview on Australia's Triple J Radio station in which he previewed a track off of the album 'Horizons'. The track is called 'Boneyards'. this track can also be heard on there myspace page

    * Winston McCall - Vocals
    * Ben Gordon - Drums
    * Jeff Ling - Guitar
    * Luke Kilpatrick - Guitar
    * Jia "Pipey" O'Connor - Bass

    * Brett "Steegy" Versteeg - Bass
    * Shaun Cash - Bass
    * Tom Jagels - Guitar

    2003 - Split EP with I Killed The Prom Queen
    3. I Watched
    4. Swallowing Razorblades

    Resist Records
    2003, Reissue 2006
    1. ...
    2. Smoke 'Em If Ya Got 'Em
    3. Dead Dreams
    4. Flesh, Bone and Weakness
    5. The Cruise
    6. You're Over
    7. Looks Like Yoda
    8. Don't Close Your Eyes

    Killing With A Smile
    EPI824 - Oct 10, 2006
    1. Gimme A D

    2. Anasasis (Xenophontis)
    3. Pandora
    4. Romance Is Dead
    5. Guns For Show, Knives For A Pro
    6. Blackout
    7. Picture Perfect, Pathetic
    8. It's Hard To Speak Without A Tongue

    9. Mutiny
    10. Smoke 'Em If Ya Got 'Em

    11. A Cold Day In Hell

    October 2007
    01. Begin
    02. The Sirens' Song
    03. Feed Them To The Pigs
    04. Carrion
    05. Five Months
    06. Boneyards
    07. Idols And Anchors
    08. Moments In Oblivion
    09. Breaking Point
    10. Dead Man's Chest
    11. Frostbite
    12. Horizons
  8. Bury Your Dead

    BYD started out on Eulogy records and now signed with Victory.

    BYD plays Moshcore, which delivers heavy breakdowns for beatdowns in the pit....

    wiki:Bury Your Dead (sometimes abbreviated to BYD) is a five-piece moshcore band that hails from Worcester, Massachusetts. They are currently playing with Suicide Silence on their headline "Don't Call It A Comeback Tour" and are scheduled to play New England Metal Fest 2007.

    In January 2007, vocalist Mat Bruso left the band, wanting to focus on "more important things like going back to school to become a teacher"[1]. Soon after in March 2007, Michael Crafter, former vocalist for I Killed the Prom Queen and Carpathian, briefly took over vocal duties for part of the "Don't Call It A Comeback Tour"[2], only to leave during the tour to return to Australia due to homesickness[3]. And now, due to Crafter leaving while on tour, Bury Your Dead have quickly appointed Myke Terry of Cassius to perform vocals[3].

    Howard Jones, vocalist of Killswitch Engage, manages Bury Your Dead.

    Band Members
    * Brendan "Slim" MacDonald (guitar)
    * Eric Ellis (guitar)
    * Aaron Patrick (bass)
    * Mark Castillo (drums)
    * Myke Terry (vocals)

    Past members
    * Michael Crafter (vocals)
    * Mat Bruso (vocals)
    * Joe Krewko (vocals)
    * Mike Nunez (vocals)
    * Jay Crowe (guitar)
    * Rich Casey (bass)
    * Chris Sansone (drums) - Now drums for The Breathing Process
    * Dan O'Connor (guitar) - Now vocals/guitar in Four Year Strong
    *Jesse Viens (guitar) (appeared on first demo, never played live)
    *Mark Hundley (vocals) (appeared alongside Joe Krewko on first demo, never played live)

    You Had Me At Hello
    Eulogy Recordings
    ER57 - May 24, 2005
    1. Sunday's Best
    2. Tuesday Night Fever
    3. Dragged Out and Shot
    4. So ****ing Blues
    5. Burn Baby Burn
    6. 33 RPM
    7. Cammo Is My favorite Color
    8. 69 Times a Charn
    9. Ten Minutes Romance
    10. Mosh n' Roll

    Cover Your Tracks
    Victory Records
    VIC234 - Oct 19, 2003
    1. Top Gun
    2. Vanilla Sky
    3. Mission: Impossible
    4. Eyes Wide Shut
    5. Magnolia [nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrOW8saRmP8"]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]
    6. The Outsiders
    7. Mission: Impossible 2
    8. The Color Of Money [nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IDEYD1gBAg"]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]
    9. Risky Business
    10. Legend
    11. All The Right Moves
    12. Losin' It

    Victory Records
    VIC280 - Jul 19, 2005
    1. Top Gun [nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=warD4-2JhYk"]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]
    2. Vanilla Sky

    3. Mission Impossible
    4. Outsiders
    5. Sunday's Best
    6. Legend
    7. The Color Of Money
    8. 30 RPM
    9. Eyes Wide Shut
    10. Camo Is My Favorite Color
    11. Magnolia
    12. Losin' It

    Beauty And The Breakdown

    Victory Records
    VIC300 - Jul 11, 2006
    1. House Of Straw [nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2PqSlg-gcQ"]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]
    2. A Glass Slipper
    3. The Poison Apple
    4. Twelfth Stroke Of Midnight
    5. Trail Of Crumbs
    6. A Wishing Well
    7. Let Down Your Hair
    8. Mirror, Mirror...
    9. Second Star To The Right
    10. The Enchanted Rose
    11. House Of Brick

    *Videos in red because Victory doesn't allow videos to be embedded.
  9. I Killed the Prom Queen

    Another down under SXE band, but their inability to keep a vocalist leaves IKTPQ broken up...

    Corny name, but the music is heavy and in your face.

    wiki:I Killed the Prom Queen was a Metalcore band from Adelaide, South Australia.

    The band toured in the USA with Caliban, Evergreen Terrace, It Dies Today and Lamb Of God along with Silverstein and Bleeding Through. I Killed The Prom Queen's most recent, and last, record, Music for The Recently Deceased (released July 31, 2006), was produced by Swedish producer Fredrik Nordstrom, who former credits include Dimmu Borgir, Darkest Hour, At the Gates and In Flames. The record is a display of Australian metal/metalcore, merging with the so-called "Gothenburg sound". Blunt Magazine's reviewer James Cotterell gave the record 10/10.

    In 2006, vocalist Michael Crafter and Guitarist Morgan Wright left the band, to go on to join Carpathian, and then in Michael Crafter's case US band Bury Your Dead. His final recording with IKTPQ was the "Your Past Comes Back To Haunt You" EP. Although he and Morgan had recorded the vocals and in Morgan's case written the music for Music For The Recently Deceased, it was decided that the vocal contributions would be taken off the unreleased album and were replaced by those of a new vocalist. Ed Butcher from British band The Hunt For Ida Wave was recruited and added his own lyrics. After this the band took on a slightly different sound.

    On January 31, 2007 Butcher flew back to his home town in the UK. In a statement released later by the band it was announced that he was suffering from a severe case of homesickness, and that he was to be no longer a part of the group. Ed has since joined UK metal band, Eternal Lord.

    Tyrone from Mourning Tide temporarily filled the vocalist position during Japanese tour dates, and Colin Jeffs (of Bendigo band Heavens Lost) Filled In On The European Tour With British Band Bring Me The Horizon. However, on April 7, 2007 I Killed the Prom Queen announced their break up, citing both an inability to find a new vocalist and guitarist Jona Weinhofen's departure for Orange County metalcore band Bleeding Through. A final Australian tour has been promised. Fans are hoping that for the last Australian tour former vocalist Michael Crafter will be on vocals[this source's reliability may need verification], but this has yet to be announced.

    Past members
    * Jona Weinhofen - Guitar (part of final line-up)
    * Kevin Cameron - Guitar (part of final line-up)
    * Sean Kennedy - Bass (part of final line-up)
    * JJ Peters - Drums (part of final line-up)

    * Ed Butcher - Vocals (2006-2007)
    * Michael Crafter - Vocals (2001-2006)
    * Lee Stacey - Vocals On Choose To Love Live Or Die EP (along with Crafter)
    * Mitchell Long - Guitar
    * Leaton Rose - Bass
    * Colin Jeffs - Vocals (European Tour 2007)
    * Tyrone Ross - Vocals (Japanese Tour)
    * Justin Hart - Guitar (Now in Rose Manor)

    2002 Choose to Love, Live, or Die Final Prayer
    2003 I Killed the Prom Queen/Parkway Drive Split CD Final Prayer

    When Goodbye Means Forever
    Hand Of Hope Records
    HOH002 - Aug 31, 2004
    1. Intro
    2. When Goodbye Means Forever
    3. To Kill Tomorrow
    4. Upon A River's Sky
    5. Pointed To My Heart
    6. Death Certificate for a Beauty Queen
    7. Roses, Post Cards and Machine Gun Kisses
    8. Forgiveness is Murder
    9. Portraits, Dreams and Memories
    10. Are You Playing Dead?
    11. My Best Wishes

    Your Past Comes Back to Haunt You
    Resist Records
    Released March 7, 2005
    1. Never Never Land
    2. Choose To Love Live Or Die
    3. You're Not Worth Saving
    4. Dreams As Hearts Bleed
    5. To Be Sleeping While Still Standing
    6. The Paint Brush Killer

    Music For The Recently Deceased
    Metal Blade Records
    MTLB596 - Nov 14, 2006
    1. Sharks In Your Mouth

    2. Say Goodbye

    3. E666
    4. Your Shirt Would Look Better With A Columbian Neck-tie
    5. The Deepest Sleep
    6. Bet It All On Black
    7. Headfirst From A Hangman's Noose
    8. Sleepless Nights And City Lights
    9. Slain Upon My Faithful Sword
    10. Like Nails To A Casket
    11. There Will Be No Violins When You Die

  10. methusaleh, i dont know anyone in kse or anything, i was just curious cause i am a real big fan of theirs, one of my top favorite bands

    i have actually downloaded some of the old overcast stuff, i really like it a lot. brian from shadows fall is a great vocalist too, although i didn't like their latest cd as much as the last few before it

    i also have heard a bunch of those evergreen terrace covers, i like the way they sound. i heard a throwdown cover of "baby got back" on the radio the other day

  11. When Overcast split up, ex-members formed KSE and Shadows Fall. Brian was the vocalist for Overcast, and then took over vocals for Shadows Fall...

  12. Evergreen Terrace is a solid band. I've been listening to them since they came out, because I am big fan of that Florida flavor.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by xjsynx View Post
    When Overcast split up, ex-members formed KSE and Shadows Fall. Brian was the vocalist for Overcast, and then took over vocals for Shadows Fall...
    yep, i know

  14. Quote Originally Posted by warnerve View Post
    yep, i know
    Right on. It was posted for general trivia/info though for those peaking in....

  15. phil from all that remains used to sing for shadows fall before brian, i heard they wanted him to leave because he wasn't very good...dunno if that's true, it'd be weird because i think he is one of the best vocalists now

  16. Yeah that is pretty crazy. If that is true that they no longer wanted him, I wonder why? Could've been that All That Remains was Phil's side project...I guess Phil also tried out for vocalist for KSE, but they decided to go with Howard.

  17. Oddly enough when I first signed up here, the first thing I looked for was a thread about HARDCORE! Overlooked but now found, woohoo! Not on the East Coast or anything but been listening to punk and metal since I was 14 and involved with hardcore(maily just hangin out and going to shows) for over 10 years.
    I'll list a few bands I like and link up to their myspace accounts.
    Wisdom In Chains
    Sick Of It All
    Out To Win
    That gives you an idea, other bands I dig are xDisciplex, NIV, JUDGE(methusaleh knows what's up!), Buried Alive, Coalesce, Reprisal, Rykers, Negative Approach, Minor Threat, Ten Yard Fight, In My Eyes, Floorpunch, as well as many others but trying to keep this mainly hardcore.

  18. Nice additions bro. Out To Win/Mushmouth has been one of my favorites.

    Buried Alive was another good one, but now Terror.

    Coalesce is sick.

    Seems like you like a lot of that European HXC. There are some good Euro bands.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by xjsynx View Post
    Nice additions bro. Out To Win/Mushmouth has been one of my favorites.

    Buried Alive was another good one, but now Terror.

    Coalesce is sick.

    Seems like you like a lot of that European HXC. There are some good Euro bands.
    Yeah, I'm into a ton of euro bands right now, probably more so than American ones. I dig their metallic style, it's more mid 90's disembodied/swedish metal sounding which is cool. That and I figured with a forum as large as this one there had to be SOMONE into hardcore here. Your lists were quite impressive.
  20. Ghost Of A Fallen Age


    Pretty goofy looking, but they bring the metal. They are formed from the now defunct Winter Solstice and Everything Falls Together. WS was a Christian metalcore band that could be compaired to Unearth. Never heard of EFT, but I will check them out.

    "With inventive and catchy guitar riffs including harmonic solos and layered breakdowns to innovative growl and scream patterns, Ghost of a Fallen Age is perfect for the discerning metal fan who complains that nothing is hard or good enough."

    Title: Rumors Of The Secret War
    Label: Tragic Hero
    Format: CD
    Product ID: TRG 685513 CD
    1. The Cold Open
    2. It's The Apathy That Calls Them Here
    3. Irrefutable Evidence For A Septic (3:15am)

    4. The New 2007 Model Human
    5. The Summit's Burn
    6. Macabre Vow
    7. The Cancer That Devours My Dreams, And Takes Dominion Over My Nightmares
    8. A Poorly Tailored Man-Suit
    9. A Critical Proposal
    10. The Face Of Neglect

  21. Not sure if these would be classified as HXC or not...I don't follow many 'sub genres' but I've been listening to Five Finger Death Punch and Nodes of Ranvier a lot lately. Awesome music to work out to.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by Dr Packenwood View Post
    Not sure if these would be classified as HXC or not...I don't follow many 'sub genres' but I've been listening to Five Finger Death Punch and Nodes of Ranvier a lot lately. Awesome music to work out to.
    I wouldn't consider Five Finger Death Punch HXC, but I just checked them out. They sounds pretty heavy. I would put them in the metal Genre with Slipknot and the like.

    Nodes of Ranvier is a Christian Metalcore HXC band that started out on Facedown records in 2002, but seems like are getting a little more pub now since the signed with Victory Records.
  23. One King Down

    iPod on shuffle and this old SXE popped up.

    They we solid and one of my favs back in the day, but "Gravity Wins Again" wasn't their same raw style.

    "One King Down was an Albany, NY, based metallic hardcore band that played crunchy, danceable metalcore heavily influenced by such scene contemporaries as Snapcase and Earth Crisis.

    The group formed in the mid-'90s, centered around the brotherly team of bassist Bill Scoville and guitarist Mike Scoville, along with guitarist Matt Wood and drummer Derrick Van Wie. With their original singer, they crafted a CD EP for Trainwreck Records, but it was with energetic frontman Rob Fusco, and Equal Vision Records (for whom Bill worked for a number of years), that One King Down really made their mark on the international hardcore punk scene.

    The diminutive Fusco's growl and lyrical espousing of the vegan straight-edge lifestyle (not all of the band's members were vegans, or even vegetarians, but they were all drug-free) garnered them attention from all over the U.S. and Europe. Coupled with the band's stop-and-go rhythms and dancefloor-moving heavy groove, Fusco's vocals were put to tape for the Bloodlust Revenge EP, released by Equal Vision in 1997 and still regarded by most fans as the band's finest recorded hour.

    The group toured with Erie, PA's Brothers Keeper and other bands, selling several thousand copies of the record at shows and through major independent distribution channels. They also released a split EP with Spirit of Youth through Europe's Good Life Recordings.

    Internal friction caused the ousting of Fusco shortly before the band was to embark on a national tour supporting Earth Crisis and Madball, to be followed by another trek with Hatebreed. One King Down scrambled to find a replacement, inviting then Burn It Down vocalist Ryan Downey to fill in for them. This union only lasted for two shows before the singer-less One King Down returned home to regroup. Eventually, they teamed up with Syracuse native Jon Peters, who lent his vocals to the band's debut full-length album, 1998's God Loves, Man Kills. After subsequent touring, Peters left the band and they split up for a short time. Mike Scoville auditioned for the Foo Fighters, but the job ultimately went to someone else.

    One King Down re-formed and Fusco was eventually invited to rejoin. They played a few shows before Van Wie left the group, with Wood switching to drum duties as the Albany band pared down to a four-piece. One King Down released the Gravity Wins Again EP in 2000, a collection of newly penned songs together with older, previously recorded tracks. In 2001, after skipping an appearance at Syracuse, NY's Hellfest, it appeared that the band was done once and for all.

    - Ryan J. Downey (All Music Guide)"


    * Jawbreaker Demo
    Crush the weak

    TRK 003
    released on Trainwreck Records in 1995, recorded in Aug '94 @ Max Trax Studios.
    Download Tracks From SendSpace.com
    1. Nine Eyes
    2. Bleeding
    3. Reawakened
    4. The Killing Fields

    One King Down - Spirit of Youth Split
    1. One King Down - Only Way Out
    2. One King Down - Prey to Human Silence

    Spirit of Youth was another solid SXE band from Belgium.

    Bloodlust Revenge
    Released on February 4, 1997
    1. More Hate Than Fear

    2. Absolve
    3. Prey To Human Silence
    4. Defiance
    5. Mass Suicide
    6. Bloodlust Revenge

    God Loves, Man Kills
    Released on December 8, 1998
    1. Deliver Me
    2. In The Blood
    3. Who Am I
    4. God Loves, Man Kills
    5. All To Gray
    6. No Escape From Self
    7. Indifferent Now
    8. Forever Your Enemy
    9. From Cradle to Grave

    When Angels Shed Their Wings Vol. 2
    Slayer Tribute split series from Devil's Head records.
    One King Down cover "Spill the Blood"

    Gravity Wins Again
    Released on June 27, 2000
    1. Hasp
    2. Gravity Wins Again
    3. Who Am I
    3. Poison What You Give
    4. Nine Eyes
    5. Bleeding
    6. Reawakened
    7. The Killing Fields

    * One King Down/Mindsnare/Day of Contempt Australian tour 7"
  24. Norma Jean fka Luti-Kriss


    I picked up Luti-Kriss's first release with Pluto Records. It was a solid release. They then signed with Solid State and had another release which showed they were up and coming. Now changing their name to Norma Jean, and spawning other bands: The Chariot and The Handshake Murders, they are represneting the HXC scene for the Durty South.

    Wiki:Luti-Kriss was a Christian nu-metal/hardcore outfit from Atlanta, Georgia formed in 1998. 4 of the 6 original members (and a former member) went on to form hardcore act Norma Jean.

    Final lineup consisted of:
    * Josh Scogin- Vocals (The Chariot, Norma Jean)
    * Scottie Henry- Lead Guitar (Norma Jean, Spitfire)
    * Chris Day- Rhythm Guitar (Norma Jean)
    * Josh Swofford- Bass
    * Daniel Davison- Drums (Norma Jean)

    Former Members
    * Josh Doolittle- Bass (Joined in 2000 when Swofford left, but left after the release of "Throwing Myself" when Swofford returned. When Swofford left again, Doolittle rejoined the remaining 4 members to form Norma Jean.)
    * Mick Bailey- Turntables (Appeared on both albums but left in 2001 during the recording of "Throwing Myself")

    Norma Jean is a Christian metalcore band from Douglasville, Georgia, USA, a suburb of Atlanta.

    Evolving from Luti-Kriss, the original Norma Jean line-up featured everyone from Luti-Kriss, except a different bass player and a percussionist in place of a turntablist.

    In 2002 the band released Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child on Solid State Records and in March of 2005 they released their second album, titled O God, the Aftermath.

    Their original vocalist Josh Scogin left the band shortly after the release of Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child, stating that "it was just something that I felt led to do." Original bassist Joshua Doolittle also left the band around the same time as Scogin. Doolittle was replaced by Jake Schultz in 2003. Scogin left the band and later went on to start The Chariot; he was replaced by Brad Norris for about a year and a half. He was later replaced by Cory Brandon Putman, formerly of the bands Eso-Charis and Living Sacrifice, who can be heard on Norma Jean's second album O God the Aftermath and their latest album Redeemer. The new album was recorded with producer Ross Robinson.

    The artwork for the band's second album, O God the Aftermath was nominated for Best Recording Package at the Grammy Awards of 2006. The artwork was designed by Ryan Clark

    * Cory Brandan Putman - Lead Vocals (formerly of Eso-Charis, Living Sacrifice, and The Handshake Murders)
    * Chris Day - Guitar, Vocals
    * Scottie Henry - Guitar, Vocals (formerly of Spitfire)
    * Jake Schultz - Bass
    * Daniel Davison - Drums

    Guests and Additional Members
    * Aaron Weiss of mewithoutYou - Additional vocals in "Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste" on Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child, and also did percussion on various tracks from that album, he was originally supposed to be the band's percussionist.
    * Matt Putman - Percussion on Redeemer and Ozzfest 2006.
    * Steve Hash - Toured with the band as percussionist on the Radio Rebellion Tour 2006

    Former members
    * Josh Scogin - Vocals (left band in 2002) (The Chariot, A Rose by Any Other Name)
    * Josh Doolittle - Bass (left band in 2002) (Agnus Dei)
    * Brad Norris - Touring Vocalist (2002-2004, was seen in the "Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste" Music Video)

    Pluto Records
    1. "Body Of God"
    2. "My Closet"
    3. "Eeyore"
    4. "Diaphuego"
    5. "I Covenant I'm Yours"

    Throwing Myself (CD)
    TND 1171 CD
    Track Listing:
    1. Local 1145
    2. Black Smith
    3. The 'Anni Hilat' Ion

    4. Light Blue Collar
    5. Patiently Philadelphia
    6. 100 Powell

    7. An Act Of My Own Volition

    8. Last Breath/First

    9. Catharsis
    10. Petty Larson
    11. For Shadows
    12. A Chase In The Crowd

    Bless The Martyr And Kiss The Child
    Tooth & Nail Records
    TND8956 - Aug 27, 2002
    01. Entire World Is Counting on Me, and They Don't Even Know It
    02. Face: Face

    03. Memphis Will Be Laid to Waste
    04. Creating Something out of Nothing, Only to Destroy It
    05. Pretty Soon, I Don't Know What, but Something Is Going to Happen
    06. Shotgun Message
    07. Sometimes It's Our Mistakes That Make for the Greatest Ideas
    08. I Used to Hate Cell Phones but Now I Hate Car Accidents
    09. It Was As if the Dead Man Stood Upon the Air
    10. Human Face, Divine
    11. Organized Beyond Recognition

    Limited Edition Split 7"
    Released Spring of 2002
    Tooth & Nail / Solid State Records
    1. The Shotgun Message
    2. I Used To Hate Cell Phones But Now I Hate Car Accidents

    O' God, The Aftermath
    Tooth & Nail Records
    CD TND75392 - Mar 1, 2005
    CD+DVD TND67648 - Mar 21, 2006
    01. Murderotica : An Avalanche in D Minor
    02. Vertebraille : Choke That Thief Called Dependence
    03. Bayonetwork : Vultures in Vivid Color

    04. Dilemmachine : Coalition, hoax
    05. Coffinspire : Multitudes, Multitudes in the Valley of Decision!
    06. Liarsenic : Creating a Universe of Discourse

    07. Disconnecktie : The Faithful Vampire
    08. Absentimental : Street Clam

    09. Charactarantula : Talking to you and the Intake of Glass
    10. Pretendeavor : In Reference to a Sinking Ship
    11. Scientifiction : A Clot of Tragedy / A Swarm of Dedication

    Tooth & Nail Records
    TND63560 - Sep 12, 2006
    1. The End Of All Things Will Be Televised
    2. A Grand Scene For A Color Film
    3. Blueprints For Future Homes
    4. The Longest Lasting Statement
    5. A Small Spark Vs. A Great Forest
    6. Blueprints For Future Homes

    7. Amnesty Please
    8. A Temperamental Widower
    9. Like Swimming Circles
    10. Cemetery Like A Stage
    11. Songs Sound Much Sadder

    12. No Passenger, No Parasite

  25. Quote Originally Posted by xjsynx View Post

    New Video Added

  26. Quote Originally Posted by xjsynx View Post
    New Video Added
    saw One King Down with Hatebreed, and No Innocent Victim, on the jailhouse mentality tour before hatebreed got so popular, show ruled. The tour I really wish I could have seen was Another Victim, Turmoil, and OKD. Also got to see Luti Kris a few times before they became Norma Jan, band was fun! Great thread!

  27. Never saw OKD. When they did come to Denver a few years ago. my cousin went and saw them and said they were disappointing.

    I have seen NIV. My buddy was actually going to put them up for the night, but then they had better judegement

    I use to dig the Hatebreed shows before the blew up. A couple of times when they started the Ozzfest, they would actually got to a smaller venue the night before and put on a solid show, but those times are long gone.

    Turmoil was another great band, but don't know if they never made out to Denver.

    But the last show I went to, was wow, back in 03 or so

  28. Quote Originally Posted by xjsynx View Post
    Never saw OKD. When they did come to Denver a few years ago. my cousin went and saw them and said they were disappointing.

    I have seen NIV. My buddy was actually going to put them up for the night, but then they had better judegement

    I use to dig the Hatebreed shows before the blew up. A couple of times when they started the Ozzfest, they would actually got to a smaller venue the night before and put on a solid show, but those times are long gone.

    Turmoil was another great band, but don't know if they never made out to Denver.

    But the last show I went to, was wow, back in 03 or so
    Yeah, ironic enough once I really got into working out, I stopped going to as many shows, and I rarely mosh at every show anymore. Now I'm always too sore for training to do any of that anymore haha.

  29. Quote Originally Posted by xjsynx View Post

    Staying with the brutal SXE theme.

    Wow looks like Too Pure To Die signed with Trustkill. Hope this is a good sign that Trustkill is going back to teh Heavy, and not Too Pure going the way of Throwdown....But they have a new vocalist, so we will see.

    Aug 29, 2007
    Trustkill Records has announced the signing of Too Pure To Die to our family of artists. The Des Moines based band has been building up momentum over the past few years including their full-length release Confidence And Consequence (Sumerian Records, 2006). The band has also been touring non-stop over the past year with full U.S. and Canadian runs alongside such bands at August Burns Red, Misery Signals, Sworn Enemy, Caliban, Kataklysm and The Acacia Strain. They are about to start another full U.S. run with All That Remains this Sept running through October. Since the band released Confidence And Consequence they have added Paul Zurlo (previously of Beyond All Reason) on vocals. The band is rounded out by Jordan Peterson (guitar) Chris Towning (bass), Zach Johnson (guitar) and Kyle Rossi (drums).

    Speaking on the signing to Trustkill, Peterson proclaims “When I started this band one of my original goals was to be on Trustkill, I don’t think we could make a better move than by joining forces.” Trustkill President, Josh Grabelle echoes the sentiments by saying “There are some bands that get together and expect the world handed to them on a silver platter. Not Too Pure To Die. These guys get out there and DO what other bands TALK about doing, they're running circles around most bands. I went and saw them play live with new singer Paul and was floored, they killed it. We are super excited to see what the future holds for TPTD!" Currently the band is holed up in the recording studio working on re-recording Confidence And Consequence with new vocals from Paul and a previously unreleased track. The label aims to release the new version at the end of November. Too Pure To Die are also working on new material for their next album to surface in Summer 2008.

    We Are A Weapon
    State Of The Art Recordings
    SOAR02 - Aug 31, 2004

    1. For Me This Is Life

    2. X Up
    3. Fight To Win
    4. We Are A Weapon
    5. This Ends Tonight
    6. First To Fall
    7. The Stand
    8. Calloused
    9. Our Struggle
    10. The Last Time

    Confidence And Consequence
    Sumerian Records
    SUMR002 - Nov 21, 2006

    1. Confidence And Consequence
    2. Bad Luck
    3. Blame No One
    4. It Won't Hurt
    5. Dead To Me
    6. All In A Day
    7. 99
    8. Reflections
    9. The Best Coincidence
    10. Our Only Chance

    UPCOMING RELEASE • “Confidence And Consequence” CD Nov 20, 2007

    The newest stars from Iowa will breathe new life into their debut album "Confidence And Consequence" with new vocals from Paul Zurlo, a new mix, and mastering! Also added is a brand new bonus song, so stay tuned!

    There was an overwhelming feeling that more people needed to hear this great record. This time, the band entered the studio with Matt Sepanic and Andreas Magnussen behind the board to bring some new life to the record—this result BIGGER and BETTER.
    Looks like they have a new vocalist and a new label
  30. Soliders


    Looks like Trustkill signed another band. At least these cats are heavy and reminds me of Terror. Looks like they also signed Too Pure To Die...

    I haven't heard too much from them, but they sound solild and bring back that old school NYHC flavor.

    INFO: Forged from the desire to express opinions and thoughts in a non-traditional way, Soldiers is a band made up of experienced, hard working kids who have toiled on the road away from their Island home for many years. Soldiers represent a new Long Island sound; a reaction to all that has come before and the need to face new challenges. The members that comprise Soldiers have been on the front lines for years, and now working together they are poised and ready to fight for what they believe in; the music, their scene, and themselves.

    Featuring members of This is Hell and The Backup Plan...The relentless attack Soldiers unleashes on all who listen is a combination of menacing guitars, punishing drums and vocals, devastating Break downs, lyrics you'll want to scream over and over again.high energy riffs from start to finish, For Fans of Buried Alive, This Is Hell,Terror and Hatebreed, these 5 songs really deliver on all fronts.

    Five Point Records
    Released on September 12, 2006
    1 Prepare For War MP3
    2 Own Up
    3 Just For Once (look Me In The Eye)
    4 The Reclamation
    5 Worthless

    End Of Days
    Trustkill Records
    TK103 - Oct 2, 2007
    1. Even Worse
    2. Sever Ties
    3. The Reclamation
    4. Decide And Conquer
    5. Choosing Revenge
    6. Relentless
    7. Bound By Defiance (T$S)
    8. Damage Is Done MP3
    9. Nothing More, Nothing Less
    10. Own Up!
    11. Since Day One
    12. Smoke And Mirrors
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