Pondering life, after a cup of green tea

  1. Pondering life, after a cup of green tea

    Probably some mistakes, from spelling/grammer to wrong word usage, just jotted all this down after getting the urge to write. A little bit of biology, religion, and reincarnation to think about...just trying to get some ideas off my chest.


    Questions and potential answers flow through my mind. Yet, what exactly is this medium that my analytical thoughts and emotions run through? What is this anamoly that we so easily describe and say is the mind? Is it pure neurology and endocrinology at play? Is there a proverbial soul that resides in back of our minds, that actually is the potentiator of the mind mechanism? This search for truth, that of spirituality vs. science, has recently reared its head in modern day Earth. Here, on this infinitemly small planet, amist a gigantic sea of intergalatic space, man, also known as homo sapiens, has foraged resources and technology that has allowed him to better understand the domain in which he is present. Is this basic thought, that which I am slowly and steadily hitting upon, the mere basis of what defines a man from an animal? Our ability to think critically, in depth, and articulate our feelings and emotions to eachother in a global statosphere. This transfer of information is growing at an exponential rate, in this present era, and is allowing mankind's minds to unite as one. This interconnected unit will function as a supercomputer, with each individual, no matter how special he or she thinks they are, are merely a atom like fragment in this functioning organism of the whole. It is a neccessity that each atom like fragment thinks of him or herself as an individual though, for if they did not, the entire machine could not function properly. It is greed, self interest, and vanity that propells most beings to work and progress. The system is either booted up or is shut down. This computer based intelligent and organic species called humankind is already existent on the planet. Is it evolving into something else? Or is it slowly and steadily deteriorating into the more primal stages of life? What does it mean that there is already a system in tact, a process of evolution and conciousness of self in the world? Does this speak of a higher engineer? Has this engineer made his existence known to the multitude, besides the simple fact that the work and intricities of life have been established?

    Both religion and science speak of the body and its parts, the former being of the church and its individual gifts, the ladder being anatomical and physiological processes that work together to accomplish one thing: life, defined by homeostatic control over one's environment, reproduction, and metabolism. To live and to die. Complete opposites, or the exact same thing interpreted and worded in different ways? Must a skin cell be shed off our own bodies, for a new and better one to replace it? This continum goes on and on and on, until the death of the organism, which had hopefully, by the course of reproduction, made another organism with similar genetic properties...who indeed, no doubt, will go through the cycle of skin cell regeneration and apoptosis that the previous parent had. The question the philosopher or religious human asks is, what happens to that dead skin cell? From a stricly scientific standpoint, the skin cell once had life, constituted by an inner network of mitochondria, tubules, and a nucleus which all worked together to metabolize, synthesize, etc. It was once non-existent, but was destined to be by the genetic basis of the organism. It was created out of the same mold as many of the other tissues that surrounded it, who have different organismal functions. It was once destined to be, as long as appropriate outside factors went through. It lived, did its duty, and died. After the skin cell died, it was released from the body and fell to the ground, where it was recycled back into nature in one of a million different ways. Its chemical and molecular makeup was shapeshifted/regenerated/realigned into another form, in another organism or non-living structure. After being released from the body, is there anyway to know how the recently downregulated cell will recycle back into nature? Do the past processes of the skin cell, how much sun light it absorbed, if it was cancerous, how much energy it actually produced, how much blood was supplied to it, due to outside factors such as massage, inflammation, or a certain blood vessel pathway, condemn or elevate the dead skin cell to a greater or lesser state? Can the skin cell ever truely be part of another organism? If the exact atoms that made up this particular skin cell are transfered to another biological system in some way, does its past life have any effect on its new one?

    Can we compare ourselves, as functioning, living, breathing, metabolizing, reproducing lifeforms to a more simplier and basic form of our environment? Obviously, there are profound similarities, but one thing stands in the way...conciousness, does it effect the regeneration and recycling process of nature?

  2. Read this for a different look at everything that is. Its a concept that not a majority of people would understand. So many questions of what is reality and what is truth, what is it that we dont know etc.

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