Good news for Paris, better news for us.

  1. Good news for Paris, better news for us.

  2. I heard about this when I got home yesterday and I could only think to myself...THANK GOD!!

    ...someone in that family has some common sense. You're given every advantage in life and you turn out like's pathetic.

  3. All she's gotta do though is release 'A night in Paris 2' and she'll be making lotsa $$$ anyway. I was always wondering how her family viewed one of their members acting like a degenerate in the public eye.

  4. Her sister mustve gotten the normal genes...

  5. oh NO!!!! shes only worth 1/2 of that now! what will she do now?
    actualy i just heard on the radio that shes going to do a song with that horrible asian guy from american idol.

  6. It's about time someone had the balls to put that skank in her place.

  7. immagine her poor dog not wearing real diamonds anymore! someone call peta

  8. Paris needs to take Anavar, put some meat on dem' bones. She can afford it too.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by motive View Post
    immagine her poor dog not wearing real diamonds anymore! someone call peta
    For real bro, that ****in dog gets treated better we do ! She should at least in line and wait at a California DMV for minor punishment. This place will make any normal person go borderline psychotic. You have to fill out one of those documents that are similar to the ones you fill out at a clinic when getting tested for HIV. You get a little ticket with a letter and a number. You are then told to find a seat and wait but if you don't get there at 7:30 AM then you won't find a damn spot because that place is filled to maximum capacity as soon as they open the ****in door.

  10. doooh, now she has to wait for her parents to die too!!!


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