Anyone ever had a herniated disc?

  1. Anyone ever had a herniated disc?

    What did you have done for it? I think I have it and it seems to be getting worse! Definitely hurts, although not unbearably so. I have heard of some non surgical ways to get it fixed, but I was curious if there were ways that didn't involve an orthopedist. Maybe a chiropractor?

  2. First off sorry you think you may have a herniated disc, but there are options you can look into to helping resolve the issue. I recently (Around June 1) found out I had a herniated disc and my summer has been revolving around it and getting better. I researched alot on here and found alot of great advice and people who went through it ( namely Grunt and Crunch) in the IGF section. The first link is a great walkthrough by Grunt (scroll down to the bottom) on what he did for his herniated disc and the second one is advice I was given with some questions (maybe there some that you have too.)

    Herniated disks, GH, and IGF-1...

    Herniated Disc ~ Young unknowledgable Individual

    Your going to want to get to the doctor and have him get you an MRI so that the exact issue can be seen and dealt with accordingly. Believe me you want to know exactly what you have asap as I put mine off from slight pain in May to not being able to bend forward more than an inch and being limited by about 95% now.

    Once they find out if you have a disc problem (potentially a bulging disc) you should look into physical therapy, a good chiro (I did not use one but I heard people had some success with them,) and theres some other non surgical treatments.

    This is just from my view as I am going through what are herniated discs so I would get it looked into quickly. Also in the meantime try to limit exercises that will put pressur eon the disc until you know what your dealing with. I continued to lift and put pressure on the disc (both in the gym and just being a normal 18 year old) and progressed it further and further.

    Best of luck Lake, and hope this was helpful.

  3. I know I posted most of my history in one or both of those threads LMD. If there's anything else I can tell you, don't hesitate to post or PM.

    Like OCC mentioned - number one thing...get an MRI so you know what direction it's going in! You NEED to know what stretches and exercises will allow fluid in and not keep pushing it out.

    Good luck man. I am pain free with no limitations in the gym or strongman competitions. My injury was about six years ago.

  4.'s everything going for you??

  5. Go to a good chiropractor who has a spinal decompression table and get checked out. If he thinks you have a herniated disk he will send you for an MRI. If it's confirmed start decompression therapy immediately. You will see results almost immediately. DTS is a god send.

  6. Yeah I might have to go to a chiropractor first, because an ortho is expensive. I don't have health insurance at the moment .

  7. Quote Originally Posted by LakeMountD View Post
    Yeah I might have to go to a chiropractor first, because an ortho is expensive. I don't have health insurance at the moment .
    people dont realize u cant go to doctors without insurance.

  8. i use to get patients with this problem all the time... the worst thing is once we diagnose them and give them the prognosis they still dont listen.
    go get an mri done and see a physician. follow what he tells you. if he gives you stretches to do, do them! they do help when taken seriously. there are variations of disc injuries and treatment varies also. there isnt really any real advice without seeing your test results first from an mri.
    whats your range of motion like? does the pain radiate?

  9. I've had 2 herniated disks now for about 16 years. I irritate them about once a year and have problems, but I am mostly pain free and able to do anything the rest of the time. Make sure you strengthen your core and don't bend over for anything (squat down, this was a hard habit to break for me) Also, be sure to get it diagnosed properly. If the pain is sciatica (running down the butt and back leg) see about getting some Lyrica, it works wonders for nerve pain.

  10. looking for any advice here

    lots of reasons i havent been around but i hope to continue my log sometime soon possibly starting tonight, there will not be anything impressive at all

    1. had knee surgery, strength is still horrible working on that, did my first jog this weekend felt soso took it really easy and slow

    2. working on my back now, here are the results from MRIs looking for any advice any of you have to offer

    a. degenerative disc disease and anular buldge at L5-S1 wtihout canal stenosis
    b. small central disc herniation at L4-5
    c. minimal right foraminal disc herniation at L3-4
    4. facet joint degerative hypertrophy at L4-5 and L5-S1


    -id like to get a second or third opinion on my Xrays and MRIs

    -ive been dealing with lots of back pain for the past 5years almost and it all started from an injury in college nothing direct just overuse and my back finally gave out and i had to quit the sport and take time off, then i started gym fulltime, and my back hurts doing many things if not everything

    -so i started gym back up recently after finishing 2 minor surgeries and in the process of increasing my weights, but really i think i gaveup on being super strong dude at least not till my back feels ok

    -right before i stopped working out a few months ago, i hit a few PRs in some movements, like SLDL was Page Ranking and so was squatting but my back hurt and i blew it out doing so, but only on one of those days not all the days

    coughing and sneezing hurts a lot, getting out of bed is hard very hard, doing situps is near impossible sometimes which leads me to beleive i have something more wrong with my back perhaps

    -so recently my struggle is to get my core alot stronger, and in process of trying to fix my back and figureout whats the best exercises to do to strength my core abs and back to help releave some of my pain and instability

    im reading those linked threads atm... currently trying to finda good sports rehab place in nyc. and spinal decompression place

  11. I've had a herniated disk, the best thing for me was physical therapy. Basically streching exercises and stregnthing my lower back. About once a year it will go out on me when I do something I shouldnt or do an exercise with bad form. Most of the exercises you can do at home or at the gym once you know which ones are right for you. I felt like not doing anything because of the pain but the more active I am the better it feels. Sitting for a long time is a killer.


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