1. Coffee???

    Who here likes to have their cups of joe?

    I am not really a coffee drinker by any means but have often thought of coffee shops as cool little places to go and hang out, sit and read the paper or a magazine and maybe meet a couple people.

    What kinda of coffee drinks do you guys order that don't have a bunch of cals. I am talking as close to zero as possible, but still have some added flavor over some black brew. I know they have some sugar free/low cal flavored syrups and what not...but what does everyone get?

    Lets see what is out there!

  2. lol well we make coffe soap so we love coffee here. I usually get a Caramel Frappachino lite...mmmm Hate hot coffee when its 93 here and muggy. We dont go often because its still not on our diet, we indulged in Cali and picked up weight on the way back

  3. I drink it with alittle bit of french vanilla cream. Ive also started to drink sheetz french vanilla double shot latte's (sugar free).

  4. Drink more energy drinks. Coffee turns your teeth black....kinda like smoking.

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