What's the number under post count?

  1. What's the number under post count?

    Where it says posts mine says 0 at the time i'm posting this and I've posted previosly. There is a number under where it says "posts" and it says 3 at the time of this post. What do these numbers indicate?

  2. You have 0 posts because posts made in the off topic section do not count. The other number is your karma points you get for posting and other members can give you. Hopefully eventually you'll be able to trade them in for something.

  3. Thanks Bro.

  4. Actually I'm going to have to ask about that, see if we can get the karma points redeemable

  5. You do, autographed pictures of Petefox...

  6. Originally posted by YellowJacket
    You do, autographed pictures of Petefox...
    Yeah!!! I want one that says "I'm Weave's bitch, love Pete"

  7. You have to get to 2K karma points for that....


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