Embarassing gym moments...

  1. Embarassing gym moments...

    Today I had to take my wifes car to the gym so I could put gas in it for her. Well, my gym has this board with hooks on it that you can hang your keys on, so I did. After I got done working out I went to grab the keys and I realised that my wife has one of those photo key chains with a big picture of ME on it. So now everybody at my gym probably thinks I'm some douche-bag that goes around with a picture of myself on my key-chain.

    This was after I wen't for 405 on deads and got it like 4 inches off the floor.

    Oh, and the other day I decided I need to start upping the weights on leg-presses, so after doing a couple sets with 500 (my usual high weight) I tried 600 and got that like 8 times. So then I put on 700. I struggled with the first rep, but I decided to go for a second, I got it like half-way up and it just stopped. This is a full-range leg-press machine, it goes all the way down, so I had no choice but to finish the rep. Otherwise I would have been stuck with 700 pounds on me, screaming for help. So, I closed my eyes and pushed as hard as I could. Luckily, I got it the reast of the way up, but the pressure on my abdominal cavity also pushed out a ridiculously loud fart. For a second, I thought I crapped myself. And there was a hot chick on the leg press machine next to mine. I didn't even look over at her. I just got up, stripped off the weight and went home.

  2. LMAO, farting in the gym is one thing that'll make me shorten up my work out, especially around a fine chick

  3. ROFLMAO!!!!! hahah, thats funny bro. i can relate. i always have a problem farting when i give the different parts of my legs a really good stretch.

    I always try to pretend it was someone else next to me. like givin someone a disgusted look.

    but as u know, whoever smelt it, delt it!

  4. I'm a personal trainer and one time I was spotting a client doing squats and he got sick so after he racked the weight he turne around and said he didn't fell so well and then proceeds to puke what apeared to be pizza all over my brand new fitted Underarmor work shirt. It was a white shirt. When it happened it was in front of maybe 15 people who had crowded around because we were going for a set of 30 at 315, and between him grunting and me yelling like a drill instructor we had attracted a crowd.

  5. YEAH FARTING is always funny as hell...........

  6. there's a pretty good thread along these lines floating around somewhere... but I'll add another one here real quick... was warming up a few days ago on the shoulder press machine, usually do two sets or so before getting into the grit of the workout, and I got up to get my water and apparently didn't see whoever it was come in, lower the weights, do their set leave. so I come trompin' back all fired up to get the warmup out of the way, and boy was I surprised when the thing practically threw itself to the top of the track, SLAMMING loud enough for everybody to look at me like I was some sort of moron... was kinda funny... is what I get apparently for trying to warmup on a machine.

  7. T-Bar, enjoyed the one about the key chain...

  8. I love threads like this.... ...


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