1. WWE vs. IFBB

    WWE has lately had a high mortality rate. The IFBB pro bodybuilding has as well. Both areas use heavy amount of gear, but it seems like WWE's mortality rate is higher.

    In the IFBB you have to have above average genetics for the most part or else you won't be winning nor have gotten your pro card.

    In the WWE, most of the guys there are swelled up but nothing too impressive. Bautista, Randy Orton,Kurt Angle, and John Cena are the only guys who come to mind that have a good bodybuilder body and who look very presentable with their muscles/cuts.

    Eddie Gurrero is one example that comes to my mind of someone with subpar genetics who used heavy gear anyway. He didn't have a very defined body whatsoever. There are more wrestlers that have similar sluggish looking bodies like him too.

    My question- Does genetics have a large role in how gear affected the body in a negative way ?

    We already know how it works for people who have kick ass genetics, but what about the opposite ?

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    WWE stars do alot of other drugs too such as painkillers, etc.. that IFBB pros may not....i would say this greatly excells their mortality rate over an IFBB pro...that and the stresses of travel and bumps they get from the road.

  3. TP has a great point and they are too different to compare like this, IMO.

    One you have to workout and look good, the other you have to workout, look good, jump around a ring, fall down, get up, and do it again in the next city, the next night.

  4. Some of the deaths have been due to painkillers and potential abuse. I believe that the bodybuilders use painkillers too, may be not to the extent as wrestlers though, but every bodybuilder has injuries as well.

    An interesting note also is how the WWE wrestlers have mysterious cardiac arrests or something along those lines around 40ish if not earlier.

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