My dog split her leg at the growth plate when she was about 6 months old. She got the surgery and the titanium to be all fixed up, but she still occasionally limps 2 years later.

specialist couldn't figure out anything wrong with her. Well its gotten really bad since yesterday, so we need to take her again tomorrow.

But this all boils down to me wanting to put her in cissus. I did find a study that showed fractured femurs in dogs healing faster with cissus. It doesn't really mention oral dosing though. Since it has been shown to not be toxic in rats at very high doses, or in humans....cats...who knows what else, can I just cut the expected human dose by the weight ratio?

read below for study synopses

Division of Surgery
Indian Veterinary Research Institute
Izatnagar-243122, India

(Received January 25, 2006; accepted September 10, 2006)


Maiti, S.K., Saravanan, B., Singh, G.R., Kumar, N., Hoque, M., Lal, J. and Kalicharan. 2007. Evaluation of the herb, Cissus quadrangularis in accelerating the healing process of femur osteotomies in dogs. J. Appl. Anim. Res., 31: 47-52.

To evaluate the efficacy of the herb, Cissus quadrangularis Linn as an adjunct to internal fixation in bone healing in dogs, unilateral comminuted diaphyseal femoral osteotomy was created under general anaesthesia and immobilized with neutralization bone plate. All animals received routine postoperative treatment. In group B, additionally ethanolic extract of the herb was applied on skin surface twice a day along with subcutaneous injection (50 mg/ kg body wt) on every alternate day for 20 days postoperatively. Early resolution of inflammatory signs and weight bearing were observed in animals of group B. Accelerated bone healing with complete bridging of comminuted fragments, extensive bony deposition along with periosteal and medullary continuity across the osteotomies site in the animals of group B were observed. Whereas, the process was relatively slow and the union was incomplete on day 60 in the animals of group A (control). It is concluded that Cissus quadrangularis accelerated the fracture healing.

A study was undertaken to evaluate the effect of methanolic extract of Cissus quadrangularis Linn (CQ) on the healing process of experimentally fractured radius-ulna of dog. CQ treated animals revealed faster initiation of healing process than the control animals on radiological and histopathological examinations. The treated group also revealed a decrease in serum calcium level to a greater extent than the control group. Healing was almost complete on 21 st day of fracture in the treated animals and remained incomplete in the control animals. No significant alteration of serum calcium level was observed on 21 st day of fracture in both the groups.