anybody know alot about ACCUTANE?

  1. anybody know alot about ACCUTANE?

    22 yrs old, taking accutane hopefully for the last time. (I took a couple cycles? of it durning my teen years!)

    I'm an aspiring fitness model, trying to prep for some photoshoots in Aug. I've been told, and I believe accutane increases catabolism, which of course I need to avoid....

    Can anyone confirm this, and offer advice?

    I also feel it really hinders my mood, any good mood enhancers to make me a more energetic, outgoing person?



  2. well i don't know a lot about it but i did take a cycle of accutane recently. I'm not sure i really noticed a increase of catabolism, i was playing football at the time. but it killed my skin. my face was alwaz red and my lips very dry (might hurt modeling?). But as far as mood goes i didn't really notice a change but my family thought i was a little more edgy. my doc told me these r all normal sides. hope this helped bro.

  3. thanks helped alot. im using alot of moisturizers, lol

  4. I dont know alot about it, the only thing I do know, is you cant use tanning beds while on it.



  5. A buddy of mine was on it and he told me his doctor warned him it can cause depression.

  6. it can and does--had me real whacked out when i took it years ago--also can hurt teh liver, they made me get bloodwork every 2 weeks. YOur skin WILL dry out moisturizers or not so hopefully you'll be finidshed up before the shoot--good luck

  7. nope, mid cycle (calling accutane a cycle, lol.) I cant wait till im done for these shoots, it will be like nov by then.

    Thanks for the input. having all the sides, but expected them!



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