It is finally time to get the tats I have been wanting

  1. It is finally time to get the tats I have been wanting

    I have wanted to get two tattoos for a while now: one of my right shoulder and another on my back. The one on my shoulder is Kanji for Mixed Martial Arts (don't think I need to elaborate here) and the other similar to the tattoo that Wanderlei Silva has on his head. I am going to use the same design, but alter it to where it makes a cross with the tribal design stemming from that. I am also going to include the phrase Indolentiae ex Deus, which, literally, translates into freedom from pain from God.

    Here are some general ideas for everyone
    Wand Head Tat
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  2. Looks pretty cool. Any pictures of the other tatto?

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