Decent Muscle Mags??

  1. Decent Muscle Mags??

    Are there any out there...looking for something to keep me motivated and occasionally learn something. Mainly just something to pass time on the crapper.

  2. Haha, they are only good for when you run out of TP!!!.

  3. If your going to read one I would say MD.

  4. Muscle And Fitness very good

  5. There is a pretty new one out called Reps. I think its good.

  6. fitness rx

  7. MD - got a subscription.

  8. MD is pretty honest, if you skip most of the ads...

  9. Thanks fellaz.

  10. I give my vote to MD, just get past the muscletech ads

  11. all muscle magazines = 140 pages and 50 of those pages are muscletech ads.

    here's why you should take leukic, micronized leucine so you can gain 8lbs of lean muscle in a week.


  12. I have a idea for you people that read this crap. Buy one these mags and rip out every page that is an ad. Then tell me how many pages you have left.

  13. Arg I just counted all the ads in the July MD mag. 248 full page ads out of 490 pages total. I may have missed an ad or two but you get the picture.

  14. I know hardly anyone reads Musclemag, but Toad is in this month's issue (Aug) on pg. 98.

    Hardly worth tha price of admission IMHO. Just check it out next time you gas up.

  15. What do you guys think of Planet Muscle?


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