just wanted to say hello here

  1. just wanted to say hello here

    im new here just trying to figure out where everything is wanted to say hello to everyone. my name is victor delcampo im 29. i love odybuilding and try to compete once a year on the national level. im here to meet people and help them achieve there goals and possibly learn a few new things my self.

  2. How are you doing my man nice to have you im sure alot of us can learn alot from ya!

  3. Hi Welcome to the group!

  4. Hey Victor,

    GREAT to have you here!

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  5. Welcome aboard Vic.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!


  6. Welcome to Anabolicminds!

  7. thanks everyone this forum is huge. i just got back from the gym and im drinking my shake lol. im such a meat head and i love it wouldnt have any other way. im gonna start my diet for nationals in just a few weeks im really excited. only thing is i wish it was in miami again instead of dallas.

  8. So what does your contest diet look like?

  9. Welcome to AM Victor. I'll give you your first reps for a nice "hello" intro.

  10. my contest diet consist of eggwhites, eggyolks, oatmeal, chicken, brown rice, yams, flank steak, and greens. that is all the variety of foods i eat when dieting for a contest. i eat about 185 grams of carbs 300 + grams of protien and 30 grams of fat. for roughly 2500 calories.


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