The Best Workout music? HMMMMM

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  1. Heaven Shall Burn
    Lamb of God
    August Burns Red
    I Killed the Prom Queen
    Parkway Drive
    Earth Crisis
    As I Lay Dying
    Winds of Plague
    Miss May I
    Machinemade God

  2. I've got Killswitch Engage and Senses Fail going on my Gym mix. Good metal is key to me getting amped up for the workout.

  3. Metallica- RTL and AJFA

  4. Amon Armath is the best band ever for working out! some others in flames, kalmah, blood runs black, atreyu, the human abstract

  5. Here lately,... Iron Maiden has encompassed all of my w/o music.

    me in the gym lately------>

  6. Anything by Disturbed.

  7. Machine Head's Hellalive and Pantera's Live Volume...I like live music albums.

  8. For live album I'd go with Iron Maiden - Live After Death.

  9. Anything by Air Supply.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Young Gotti View Post
    I always post on threads like this because to many of you guys listen to death music...that stuff will make your ears bleed, dmx, sticky fingaz, tupac, jayz, and nas one mic are where it's at
    Rap makes my ears bleed. Double bass just gets me amped up, no bleeding involved

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Caferacer View Post
    Rap makes my ears bleed. Double bass just gets me amped up, no bleeding involved
    I used to prefer rap and not like metal. Now metal is all I need in the gym!

  12. Tool is the best choice for anything. But more choices are Rise Against, Rage Against the Machine, Atreyu, System of a Down, maybe some Metallica...


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