Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

  1. Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

    Go download this one guys, you'll recognize her from people magazine and such, i love these celeb sex tapes, lol. And oh ya she's smokin hot, nice round ass One of these days you guys will thank me for reviewing this smut, lol.


  2. shes ****ing hot nice piece of ass thanks CHAPS

    im still waiting on the Snuggle club sex tape Vol 69

  3. She might be my favorite celeb chick out there today. I've only seen a Youtube clip of the vid as of now.

  4. Is there a link to the sex tape? She is definitely hot!!

  5. link anyone?

  6. All I can find is site after site where you have to buy it. About $4.99, so can't be that good.

  7. vivid has bought it

  8. I'm dl'ing one now, hope it's the real deal.

  9. Shareaza has it

  10. It's not bad. Shes with some little known rapper guy...nothing spectacular though.

    She is hot.

  11. damn. sorry its so big.


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