Do not call/e-mail/mail govt listing

  1. Do not call/e-mail/mail govt listing

    As you may have heard the feds have set up a web site where you can register phone numbers to be put on a do not call list for telemarketers (~80% of them, n.i. the charites, etc.). The list will become effective in October. Do not include cell phone #'s as they are already banned (due to the call actually costing you money).

    Also, you can get your name off the catalog lists, as well as another gov't agency for telemarketers, as well as e-mail spam (though it's barely enforced), by going to the site shown below.

  2. cool. thanks bow

  3. BTW, sorry if anyone here is a telemarketer. You are likely to soon be out of a job

  4. Originally posted by bow
    BTW, sorry if anyone here is a telemarketer. You are likely to soon be out of a job
    LOL & thanks for the info!

  5. And these people losing their jobs cant be good for the economy. I dont like telemarketers more than the next guy, but they're just people doing their job, trying to feed their families. Im polite to them and most of the time if you are, they'll do you a favor and not call you back, as opposed to being a prick to them and you better bet your sweet ass you're getting a return phone call from them.

  6. Thanks for the heads up bow. I, like YJ, understand that these people are just trying to make a living, but damn they are annoying as hell.

  7. I used to do telemarketing about 5 or 6 years ago for a summer job and it was really funny actually. I had a couple bros doing it with me and for fun, whenever someone hung up on us, we would curse at them and say something like..ok, well thanks you ****ing slut... and have a little laugh. Well one time, 2 people picked up the phone at the same time and I went into my lil speach. Little did I know that 2 people were on the phone, so when the other one hung up, I said, aww **** you bitch... and she says EXCUSE ME? I freaked out and hung up the phone. Of course, she *69ed the number and it called the main line. LUCKILY my friend was using the main line for his phone and he answered the phone... he knew what was up and told the chick that I would be fired on the spot. It was absolutely hilarious...

  8. the thing that annoys me most about telemarketers are that when you tell them you are not interested they keep trying to hook that point i just hang up. and seems like they have a knack for calling at the wrong time.

  9. Originally posted by msclbldrguy
    and seems like they have a knack for calling at the wrong time.
    That's damm straight, they've called when I have something to do so I just hang up. I know that's wrong but hey, time is valuable


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