All BDC members please read..........

  1. All BDC members please read..........

    Ok, I have come to this forum actually because I like many of the members here. In some of my earlier posts, I've tried to keep the bashing of to a min.

    I'm told now that both Chemo and YJ have told a another mod at that I made a deal with you both to allow you to keep your forum name and advertising in your sig.

    I have and never will cut a deal with anyone on any forum.

    You may insult me in any way you like, but to insult my integrity is a grave error.

    If you two actually did this? I want nothing to do with either of you for I see your intention in saying such a dowm right lie would only be to try and devide and crumble the mod relationships at

    I state this now so the good forum members here can see what you two are capable of. The same crap you accused many at of doing.

    The people who know me here, also know I would never do such a thing.

    Jake, see what you got involed with ? LOL

  2. I'm sorry but your reputation does not preceed you here. Don't come here making public accusations and expect no reprecutions. You have done nothing but say # 1 in everyone of your posts. If you have something to say to those two that has NO backing do it in PM's... Now if you do something like this again your gone. Case closed......... Talk to ya...
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  3. Chi,

    You are sadly mistaken...I have no contact with mods over there except Big H and I don't flaunt such things even if they are true.  If you knew me you would know that confidentiality is paramount...because that is the way that true bros treat each other. 

    I will say it are dead wrong on your accusation.  I could care less whether my sig over on stays or goes...


    BTW, no more temper tantrums over here from the fanatics...

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