1. Tattoos

    Who's got them and where at?

    I have 2 kanji symbols one on my right shoulder for courage and one on my back for strong. Planning on a 3rd tat but can't decide on what and where.

  2. I have the eye of Ra on my left shoulder, plan on getting Kanji for Mixed Martial Arts on my right shoulder and a back piece.
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  3. I have zodiac sign, and the kiss of death (my woman's 1st initial...which coincidentally, is the initial of the town I grew up in. I'm getting my school's mascot sometime soon.
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  4. tattoopierced1
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    4 so far...havent gotten one in years, its probably been 5-7 years since my last one.

  5. I have 2 scarifications, not exactly ink, but close enough!

    I have an x-ray of my spine on my back (full size).
    I have a Mayan symbol that represents nothing (not nothing, the concept of nothing)

    I may get them highlighted with ink one day.



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