Win $250 in FREE supps!!

  1. Win $250 in FREE supps!!

    WIN $250 in Free Supplements is announcing its "hotties of summer" contest. Since the summer is upon us, and the outfits are getting skimpier and skimpier, we decided to give all you bros an opportunity to show off your wife, girlfriend, friend or just that hottie you met at the beach this week, and have a chance to win $250 in free supplements from

    Here is how it will work guys, email to us at [email protected] the pics of the girl you want to enter. There is a limit of 3 pictures per girl, and NO professional pics, porn stars, modeling shots, etc will be accepted. These are pictures YOU took. Email them with your board screen name, and the board you're from to us at [email protected]. Starting July 5th, the girls will appear in the "hotties of summer" section of our board, with your screen name and the board you are from beneath it. Every few days we will add any new pictures we receive. When we decide the time is right (end of summer for sure, but if the response is good we may end it before and start a new contest) we will email out a ballot to everyone who has ordered from our site to vote on their top three hotties. Only those that order will be allowed to get a ballot, and if you order more than once, you will receive a ballot for each time you ordered. The reason we are doing the voting this way is to keep it fair, and not allow people to use multiple IPs and vote repeatedly for their choice.After the votes are tabulated, the person who submitted the winning girl will receive $250 worth of supplements of their choosing. Runners up will also receive supplement prizes as well. Whether you order or not, starting July 5th, you can stop by and check out the contestants. We will post on the boards each time the pictures are updated, so you can stop by and admire. We are accepting entries now, so get those pictures in guys!!

    Send this info with your pic:

    Your Board Handle:

    Board Name:


    Girl's Name:


  2. This is a kickass idea!! Now let's see the hotties

  3. ...i loose

  4. Originally posted by dez/null
    ...i loose
    shouldnt have sent in pics of your moms man. all seiousness, send them in brothers. ill try to convince my lady friends....but either they too brutal and butch to win or they aint open to pics of them flying through a site. im working on the latter.



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