Man i'm a dumbass!

  1. Talking Man i'm a dumbass!

    So it's 1:30 in the morning and I was getting tired as hell so i decide to take my liquid femara before i goto bed. I had my last dose of my first bottle the night before so i went and grabbed another one which i thought was femara but it turned out to be clen. I have a bunch of premade liquid products and they just have a letter on the bottom of the bottle symboling what each is, CL for Clen looked like a F for femara. To make a long story short, i accidentally took 100mcg of clen rather than 1.25mg of femara. I was lying in bed wondering why the hell i could hear my chest beating and i was shaking like a mofo, when it hit me that i took clen rather than femara lol. Atleast i know this stuff works

  2. LMAO... dumbass!

    I feel for you bro... must have been a tough night.

  3. LOL I've done that before but not with clen. I always prepare my pills the night before and I accidently took my morning dose of ephedrine & caffeine. Not quite the same but it sucked.

  4. i think a lot of us been in your shoes mayn. definitely not liquid but i myself have taken caffiene/eca orals, instead of vitamins/melatonin. or at least i like to think im apart of a big group of members who's done that before. Sure it was a long night for ya

  5. LMAO. How long b/4 you were able to go to sleep?

  6. I fell asleep around 4:30, my god lol.

  7. LMAO.


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