PAL hits the EROTICA LA June 22-24th

  1. PAL hits the EROTICA LA June 22-24th

    Figured I would drop this in here as well!!

    Guys come by our booth at the Erotica LA 2007 on june 22-24th.. we will have some small female Adult stars signing autographs and we will be giving out aspire36 samples by the hundreds!!

    It should be a fun trip... Sux's though that I wont be bosses are jerks!!!ahhahahhahahah

  2. small female adult stars = midgets?

    I can imagine your bosses telling their wives, "No, honey, it's a great business opportunity....."

  3. i guess i'll just have to go in your place...and show just how aspire 36 works in my exclusive HANDS ON workshop!

  4. I'll be there signing autographs under my porn name "Schlongy Testiculor".

  5. i may have to drop by your booth
    do you have a list of stars signing?

  6. Could you guys pick up some fun toys for me and Dsade..we love to play

  7. i won't be in that part of the expo, sorry


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