Chat Works! Ow Ow!

  1. Chat Works! Ow Ow!

    Something about the threat of car bombs and anthrax makes people work a little bit harder, so thank you digichat for returning out chat room!

  2. Is it no working again? cause it aint on my comp...damn i need my chat dose...

  3. About time thank god sorry yj I know you are an atheist. Hope to get more good info off of it. This chat is awesome keep it up guys.

  4. Originally posted by DarCSA
    About time thank god sorry yj I know you are an atheist. Hope to get more good info off of it. This chat is awesome keep it up guys.
    Not Athiest, Im heretic.

  5. "Whats it like to be a heretic, if your 555 then I'm 666!!" -Slipknot

    Hehehe It just reminded me of the song..............YJ you know the one Im talking about.



  6. Finally.............

  7. It's not working on my computer at the moment. But it was cool when I checked it out yesterday.

  8. It's not working again...............

  9. Not working as of 1:14 EST.

  10. ya not working here either... Work yo magic YJ!!

  11. chat still down
  12. From an email sent by Digichat support

    Attention DigiChat Hosted Customers:

    Since the end of last week, we have been experiencing a massive Denial of Service (DoS) attack on some of our hosted DigiChat servers. A Denial of Service attack is when a hostile third party floods a particular target server with an inordinate amount of useless data, rendering the targeted server unusable. The main servers that are being attacked are '' and '', but because of the sheer volume of data generated by these attacks, it has caused some periodic performance issues on some of our other hosted servers as well.

    An attack of this type is extremely difficult to combat once initiated. Countermeasures primarily involve tracing and identifying the point of original of the attack and blocking the offending IP addresses. The perpetrators in this case have covered their tracks rather well and have made successful tracing difficult. Rest assured that we, as well as our affiliate service providers, are currently working around the clock to stop the attacks, and to prevent them from affecting the service of your DigiChat site. We are also in the process of implementing several new security features which we believe will minimize the impact of any future attack.

    Please know that we value your business, and are actively working to solve this problem as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at, or by e-mail at [email protected]

    Best Regards,

    DigiChat Product Support Team

  13. As soon as support weathers through the DoS attacks the server will be online again...sorry for the inconvenience and death to the hater doing it.


  14. just a note... THIS KIND OF **** is why win XP sux major ass... it allows DDoS (Distrubuted Denial of Service) attacks, with spoofed (faked) IP addresses. What is probably happening is there is some zit-assed ****in little kid who got in trouble with DigiChat, and he got ahold of a little script/program and doesn't even know the reasons/logic/programming behind what he is doing, he just types in an IP or something, and hits a button, and this program goes to work for him, there are easily hundreds of infected computers, that this person doesn't even know about, or setup for this type of stuff himself... it is absolutely ridiculous that these little kiddies can cause so much trouble without knowledge of how to write the code to do this stuff, if you are going to **** with someone, at least learn how to do it yourself instead of being a little bitch and using someone else's ****.

    Sorry about this rant.. i'm an ex-computer science major, and a bit of a geek at computers, it's **** like this that makes me disgusted with computers more and more each day... ****in kiddies...

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  15. Originally posted by Big Daddy Chemo
    death to the hater doing it.


  16. Chat room is working again!!!

  17. Chat works!! OW OW!!!


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