NBA draft

  1. NBA draft

    Man I can't believe how many foreign players were drafted, I think it's time ESPN or TNT came up with a foreign basketball channel just so we can be more aware and analytical of the foreign players because I never heard of any foreign player making headlines with the exception of Darko Milicic. Either the NBA is becoming globalized, or American basketball is not as good as it was in days of Magic, Jordan, Barkley, Bird, Isiah etc.

  2. LOL!

    Dude, I am like 15 minutes away from Akron, Ohio, you should see all the crazies for Lebron James.

  3. Originally posted by csakiges

    Dude, I am like 15 minutes away from Akron, Ohio, you should see all the crazies for Lebron James.
    I know man, I'm quite shocked to be honest with you that they media would hype up a High School kid that much. What if he turns out to be a bust after all, and Carmelo Anthony becomes what everyone wanted LeBron James to become.

  4. Yeah, that would be something. I think as others in the media have put it, Carmelo will make more of an immediate impact.

    On the other hand, I have seen Lebron James play and he is the real deal. His jumper is suspect, but still respectable and he can work on it. I guess it is just a matter of how bad he wants it. He is pretty phenomenol with the media, especially being so young and having that much pressure. Imagine being deemed as the next mix of magic and jordan and the guy that is supposed to turn the cavs. around. I think he has an advantage over Kobe and T-Mac in that, this kid is 6-8, 245, he is pretty well put together and is more physically mature than those two were when they came into the league.

    That would be something though if he flopped! I am curious, there are a couple of people I know that are account reps. for the Cavs. (went to college with them), I know things are getting hectic for them. I guess their season tickets have gone up by like 10,000 and they can't even keep up with all the product they are selling.

  5. i might be bias, but im really excited for detroit to get the number 2 pick. this kids is 7'2 with 7'4 wing span, can drill 3's or post you up. everyone says he is the real deal. you put that with a 50 win team, and put him along side ben wallace , and i think there are good things in the pistons future.

  6. im a soops(sonics) fan. we couldnt have picked two more stiffs for out 12th and 14th pick. Ridnour is solid, hometown boy but i would have like to seen a more upside and someone who can play D (we got none). Collison is the biggest tool anyone could have picked. your standard, good college baller-mediorce 8 points a game, 5 board, 2 turnover C/PF. awesome.....

    darko, cook, and bosh the best fits for each team they landed on.
    darko and carmelo gonna be 1 and 2 for rookie of the year
    hinrich is the easy choice for biggest suprise but i wade to miami and Lampe slippin' a shock as well. I hate all NY teams....but knicks did well.
    Labron (kind james) will eventually be the best player out of this draft, but statistically, only 2nd/3rd after year one.

  7. I'm disappointed with my team (Golden State Warriors), they drafted a shooting guard which they don't need, they got the point guard from Mississippi St. who is a decent backup at best. I thought they should have taken Reece Gaines if they wanted a guard, or a big man which they desperately need, but the team management messed up as usual, now it even looks like they won't resign Gilbert Arenas

  8. Originally posted by Iron Warrior
    they won't resign Gilbert Arenas
    thats huge for Gstate. i dont think its the fact they wont sign him. i think he sincerely wants to head down to denver (mo' $). didnt get their first pick....why draft someone who plays the same position as your best player in JRich? Dumb

  9. I know bro, Jay Rich is sick, but the media and team management think Antawn Jameson is the best player. Jameson isn't bad at all, but he is overrated IMO.

  10. I like Jrich and the Warriors, but really don't like his game. It's like he don't know where he fits. He's awsome as a slasher, but seems to shy away from contact and stays more on the perimeter than many that follow the Warriors would prefer. If Pietrus plays as projected they may have a viable option and be able to deal Jrich for hopefully what would turn out to be a good point man if Arenas bolts, which seems inevitable now.

    That said, my team is the World Champ Spurs. Have been since I've followed bball. At first I couldn't believe they drafted Leandrhino Barbosa when they are 1) pursuing JKidd, 2) already have Parker and 3) should focus on trying to resign Speedy. Then they trade him away to Phoenix for a protected future pick, rumored to be protected up to the 25th pick, descending for six years until no longer protected. What a waste of a pick, especially considering Lampe and Pachulia were still on the board and should both be a good fit considering they are looking for a big man to fill the Admiral's shoes.

    Then again by doing what they did they're saving $$$ against the cap to help sign the most promising free agents available.


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