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    with the threat of the fda getting control over natural supplements, for the ""so called safty of the public"". how is adding another group of products to test and prove going to really help. with all the perscription meds with a laundry list of side effects, all the deaths and products being pulled after years on the market, what do they do?? they want to add supplements to their agenda. they cant even keep the perscription meds safe. i am definately not for the regulation of supps, as i see it as a personal freedom. am i wrong????

  2. The Food and Drug Administration needs to clean up the food before they attack supplements. It is a fact that food quality has gotten worse for the past few decades which is something that is probably leading to all of the illnesses and bizarre conditions tha have only recently occurred.
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  3. Superdrol was at one point considered a supplement. Just because it's a 'natural supplement' does not mean that it is safe to use. Prescription Meds might have a long list of side-effects and drug interactions, but there's also a lot more research and knowledge behind them. Many herbs do not even have the active component identified.
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  4. i wasnt saying supps are safe, just that i dont see it helping anyone by putting them under a bigger micrsope. superdrol is a potentially dangerous supp, but as far as im concerned i would rather have the freedom to be able to take something by a reputable company than by a drug whose sole purpose is to make money and nothing else. if the drug companies and govt were really concerned about our health they would clean up our enviornment and food supply.

  5. The safety record of herbal supplements over the past, hmm, 8,000 years of human use is pretty dang good. If the FDA thinks they can improve upon it, they're retarded. They could simply adopt the German Commission E findings and protocols but nooooooo, they need to justify their sorry existence via claiming more power and regulatory oversight and thus more taxpayer dollars.

    Things like SD don't even enter into the picture as far as I am concerned. The makers of drugs like that know full well how to wiggle through the loopholes before they get closed.



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