Mr. Olympia 2007

  1. Mr. Olympia 2007

    Is anyone planning on going to this? I was considering going to it since I just graduated college and am taking a year off before I go back to school, so I have the time to go. I was curious, how early does one need to make reservations at a hotel for the weekend, and how much does the actual event usually cost?

  2. its in vegas correct? id love to go and since ive been wanting to go to vegas for a while now and have friends i can stay with, i need more info...when? how much?

  3. Piston, myself and a few other amer's are trying to get this together...shoot me a pm.

  4. I'd love to go swwwweeeeet i could deal with that and meet some of the ppl from this board.

  5. I believe Dsade and I will be going

  6. I'll be there.

  7. im hoping i can make it this year since last year's plans got messed up. damn, i missed jay take it from ronnie. i wont miss branch warren's huge upset this year though

  8. branch...c'mon!

  9. Well most board sponsers will be there hehehe. I just want to be next to ALRI's booth hehehe.

  10. I'm down fo sho!

  11. IM COMPETING. so come vwatch. haha JK


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