Top 10 Chris Farley Moments

  1. Top 10 Chris Farley Moments

  2. Don't you remember you told me
    you loved me now baby
    You said you'd be coming
    back this way again, baby!

    Chris Farley is easily top 3 comedians of all time and its scary to think no individual will be able to come close to his unique comic ability.

    I love watching Chris Farley in his prime but most of the SNL skits just make me depressed at how shi**y it is now.

  3. SNL was one of my favorite shows growing up to but now it is as painful to watch as new episodes of the Simpsons

  4. ya i mean they used to have chris and adam sandler david spade and dana carvey and a whole bunch of other smash hit comedians now its just a bunch of "who the hells?" and people that cant do a damn skit without laughing and looking right at the camera or cues the whole time (fallon).....

  5. I love Farley.

    I still remember the day I was driving home from work and heard on the radio that he had died. Sucked.

    One of the best "slapstick" or physically funny things I ever saw with him was an obscure moment that if anyone can tell me where I could find it would be great.

    It was during the HBO special "Making of Tommy Boy".

    There was a scene at the beginning where Tommy is rushing accross campus to take an exam he had forgotten about to graduate (after 6 years!) he takes this turn around the corner of this building and does one of the most awesome face plants I have ever seen! It had me pissing myself for 20 minutes!

    So I am psyched to go see Tommy Boy in the theater if for no other reason than to see this awesome face plant again.....and when the moment comes during the movie....HE TAKES THE TURN CLEAN!!! I can't believe that the director/producer/whoever cut it out! Some of the best Farley moments ever were when he is getting hurt in some way.

    Does anyone else remember this? Does anyone know where I can find it? Looked on You Tube, etc. with no luck.



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