Whats going on everyone, Im back from vacation and I have the low down for you:

Halloween: Rob stopped by and said that they are bringing the humanity back to Halloween, there will not be any supernatural aspects to the character of michael myers, he will not be "unstoppable" but rather "damn near unstoppable," Danielle Harris from Halloween 4 will be topless, and Malcolm McDowell has never seen a Halloween and should bring an interesting twist to the Dr Loomis character.

New movies that were discussed that you should keep an eye out for:
-Wrong Turn 2 with Henry Rollins
-Headless Horseman
-The Hills Wore Red
-****Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
(This is by FAR the best film shown at the convention, highly recommended)
(Hatchet is AMAZING and anyone that doesnt go see it must hate horror)
-new Masters of Horror episodes
-The Mist, a new Stephen King adaptation
-Brutal Massacre
-Hostel II (ofcourse)
-Resident Evil 3 (to a lesser extent)

Behind the Mask is a satire in the same league as This is Spinal Tap or The Office, where a film crew is following serial killer Leslie Vernon as he does his cardio in preparation for his next slayings, then lays out the floorplans in the house to avoid any teens being able to escape.

Hatchet is the return of classic 80's slasher horror, and will have not only Kane Hodder, but Robert Englund and Tony Todd. This is the most bloody and brutal film I have seen in years, and thats saying something, go support original horror!!!

Shawnee Smith will return for Saw 4 and 5, but she wont ellaborate on where her character will be headed