Wish him luck!

  1. Wish him luck! (Video added)

    My 14 year old boy has been lifting with me for the last 9 months or so. He entered the dead lift competition at our gym. He's 6'2" and 155 lbs. His best pull to date is 250lbs. Not too shabby for a 14 yo! I'll try to get some videos with my cell phone and post it up later.
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  2. Good for him! Good luck son of the RedWolf!

  3. Unbreakable
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    You must be a proud Dad. Here is some well wishes for both of you.

  4. I wish him the best!

  5. Thanks guys! Yep, I'm proud of him. He has overcome some things in life (some of wich I am responsible for) and is becomming a fine young man. I am blessed to have a child like him.

  6. So is today game time?

    All tha best.

  7. thats sweeeeet! One day my boy will be doing the same only itll be 315! hahaha. best wishes

  8. Well, competition is good for this boy. About 3 weeks ago he pulled 245. It was ugly, but he got it up. I've had him doing lower back excersizes (hypers) once a week and he's been really working hard on his technique. It paid off.

    Today, his first pull was at 215, and it came up with no problems. Next pull was at 230, and it too came up easily. Next was 245, and he made it look simple. Because he hit all 3 of his attempts, they gave him one more. He went for 260 and had no troubles locking it in. Everybody cheered him on, and the owner of the gym told him to take another lift. He went for 275. He nailed it. Made it look so easy, that I think he could have pulled 300 today.

    He took first in his age/weight class. (In all honesty, he was the only one in his age class) I'll post videos when I figgure out how to convert them from the format my cell phone uses.

    Biggest lift of the day was 585, and the guy that did it looked to be in his early 60's.

    We all had a great time.

  9. wow. 14 and already 6`2 ! crazy. i wish him luck!
    can they listen to music while they lift?

  10. Thanks Zombie, thats exactly the format they are in. I'm at work until midnight, but I'll probably drop you a line tomorrow.

    Chad, yep, they can listen to music if they choose to. He didn't, but usually has his mp3 player with him when he's working out.

  11. Red that's great man. Its a wonderful thing to watch a kid grow and developed as you try to guide him. and every milestone they reach in there lives just gives you such a nice warm fuzzy feeling.

  12. he deserves a beer.

  13. Here's the video of his last pull. This is 275.

  14. Unbreakable
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    Congratulations Dad!

  15. nice! congrats!

  16. he looked like he could have hit 300 easy


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