Layne Norton's Inside the Life of a Natural Pro video series

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    Layne Norton's Inside the Life of a Natural Pro video series

    Didnt know if anyone had seen this yet, but Layne has a video series on now. - Inside The Life Of A Natural Pro - Layne Norton: Inside The Life Of A Natural Pro, Episode 1 - Introduction.

  2. nice...I like the way it is edited.
    E-Pharm Nutrition Representative

  3. Quote Originally Posted by DaTa180 View Post
    Nice link as my past i used to go on and read his threats and posts even pm him i found hes a wealth on knowaldge

    funny he rips glutamine but he takes it in the way of his xtend you see him scooping

    neway i will keep watching he will always have tips in later eps

    i take xtend for bcaas

    thanks for watching the vid

  4. I enjoyed it. Whens the next one coming out Layne.

  5. Next installment is out now, just replace 1 with 2 in that link.

  6. Part 3 is out.


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