The Emperor vs. Dr. Ironfist

  1. The Emperor vs. Dr. Ironfist

    did any catch the fight tonight?

    Lewis got beat im sorry. eventhough Klitchke made Freddy from Nightmare on Elm St. look like the easter bunny.

    Lewis was indeed saved by the commitee. but good 20 minute fight nonetheless.

    anyone else catch it? opinions?

  2. man i thought lewis was going down in the second round! Lewis obviously didn't not train very hard for this fight, his conditioning was the worse ive ever seen, he was very winded, and vlad. should have took it too him harder than he did, he missed his oppurtunity to become the heavyweight champ (for a short time anyway).

  3. vitali had a good reason to be heated after the fight was called. i mean, his cut was brutal but lewis looked horrible. this could have been anticipated though. a year since his last fight. weighed in at 255+..... jones jr. should be in the wings, waiting for to take lewis now.....its ovs

  4. yea guys, i agree. Lewis came in at i think 256lbs.? that was even heavier than when he got knocked out the first time a while back.

    Vlad. did have a third eye though. its kinda hard to just let that go when u have that much blood coming out. i mean damn, he coulda just ripped that mofo right off and it woulda been better. his doc did the best he could tho. i was actually impressed that he could get the bleeding to stop like he did.

    IMO, lewis was out of shape. if he was in shape, he woulda put a hurtin on vlad. pretty bad.

    look out though, Lewis still has rematches comin up with Holyfield and Tyson. heh, not that Tyson has a chance, but still fun too watch him bite his **** off!!!???

  5. Lewis got his ass beat! Vitali's eye was nasty though. I have never seen such an awkward fight. Lewis should definitely give him a rematch.

    Tyson is a bum a circus freak and should be locked up.



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