Congrads to my workout partner Gnut

  1. Congrads to my workout partner Gnut

    Well today Gnut and I went to our first powerlifting contest.. he was competing and I was spotting him for the bench.. push/pull meet with bench and deadlift. Anyway, G did okay on the bench but great in the dead.. he pulled 480. This won his 220 weight division and he got a cool sword for a trophy... Just thought I would brag for him on here.. GREAT JOB G!!!

  2. awesome duder, nice to hear... always cool to win a sword

  3. now all u need is a nice sword swallower fitness babe..sorry couldnt resist..lmao

  4. LOL. well his wife might have alittle to say about that if we found one.. what am I saying my wife would have a big problem with it... and then we both would be getting our asses beat

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