What was your first time watching porn like?

  1. What was your first time watching porn like?

    I think this could make for an entertaining thread: How old were you? Where were you? What was the title? What was happening in it? What kind of pizza were you eating?

    For me, I was 17. I was over my buddy's house in the basement. The title was "Udderly Rediculous". It was a compelation of small bits and pieces of other porn flicks. The first scene was a parody to the Johnny Carson Show. I don't really remember much in terms of positions, etc, but I don't think I can forget the guy (trying to play Ed McMahon) saying "You are erect, sir!". I definitely had Papa John's.
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  2. i was like 11 and i found it in my uncles old boxes that were in the shead. it was called "treading partners" it was from the 70`s for sure but it was good stuff!! there was one sceen with a french maid getting DP`d . i was in shock! there was no pizza to speak of.

  3. I was 8-9. My friend's older brother said there was something cool on TV and we should watch. I remeber it was some brunette getting pounded doggy style by some dude with the 80's porn moustache and pony tail.

  4. I've watched so much that I honestly don't remember.

  5. my sex drive is still $hit so i have no intrest in porn as of now.

  6. Not sure on age, but I remember flipping through the cable channels one night and seeing huge boobs on TV. Back in the day the first five minutes of PPV movies were free...apparently the adult movies were no exception. Everyweekend after that I would be sure to tune in for my five free minutes of porn.
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  7. Smile

    CIRCA 1973- "OUI" MAGAZINE. I was intimidated by all the hair!

    Thank god for Brazilian women influencing our culture!

  8. 5yo Brother was hey watch this...Backdoor Girls on Beta Tape. Still blind in one eye because of that day.


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