What’s the best option for mild problem

  1. What’s the best option for mild problem

    I am 23 and noticed breathing issues a few years ago. I was in college at the time and didn't want to go to the doctor because I didn't have trouble breathing, I just didn't have as much breath as I thought I should have (and as I remembered having in High School).

    After chest pains a few weeks ago, my worried and sweet wife convinced me to go to the doctor. After some pulmonary tests, EKG (to make sure the chest pains were not my heart) and X-rays (no heart swelling, thank goodness) the doctor said I had mild asthma and put me on Advair. It's been a week now, and if anything my chest hurts MORE. It's still not too bad, but I definitely don't feel any better.
    I don't have major asthma attacks, but I do wake up sometimes with slight breathing issues and need to get a drink of water and cough a few times to go back to sleep. I also get a tight and painful chest (normally on the left side, but this morning on the right) sometimes.

    What can I expect from the medicine and what’s the best way?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. i would tell your doc that its not helping. there are at least a few meds for asthma.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Chad View Post
    i would tell your doc that its not helping. there are at least a few meds for asthma.
    There are two general classes of asthma meds.

    The first is a steroid (various brands) designed to prevent infamation in the lungs. These take a long time to start working and shouldn't be seen as something to treat an asthma attack. They treat the underlying medical condition.

    The second are stimulants designed to force open closed airways. These are the inhalers that someone grabs for when they are experiencing shortness of breath due to asthma.

    Most asthmatics are prescribed both. You use one daily regardless of symptoms (or lack thereof). The second you use when actually experiencing an attack.
  4. Re : What’s the best option for mild problem

    Your doctor may prescribe things for you to use against what seems to be mild asthma which may not be too good for you in the long run. The Buteyko method is proven, safe and very effective. The book Close Your Mouth and ABC to be asthma free are self help books to teach yourself the Buteykjo clinic method. They are available from Amazon.com: Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more for USA and amazon.co.uk for UK and other countries. Patrick McKeown a renowned practitioner teaches many other natural clinic methods at his site Asthma Care Ireland- Featured on RTE and TV3, Buteyko Clinics and books It will be well worth your time.

  5. I've got a ventolin inhaler for the shortness of breath. Tell your doc you want one of those. It has albuterol in it.

    Advair did nothing for me. Serovent (sp?) did help until they switched to the diskus inhalers. Those things suck! I've had asthma since I was 4 years old, and have tried virtually everything there is.

    The albuterol is the only thing that keeps me breathing.

  6. As my son has asthma and several people I knew well, albuteral treats the daily better and prednisone treats the bad flair ups. So try an albuteral based inhaler.

    Prednisone however should be used sparingly as the sides are nasty. It can drive the people around you insane, makes you very nasty tempered. Add to that the bloating and bad acne and well its just great.

  7. Cortico-steroids are nasty things!! I refuse to take them anymore. The doc claims the ones for asthma don't go systemic. I think he's full of BS, how is it possible to not go systemic when you're breathing it in???

  8. Yeah, it goes systemic. They even have an enteric form of pred that is used for Chrohn's and UC that they say only treats the local inflammation in the bowels, but it made my wife cortico-crazy so it was definitely going systemic.

    Use pred only if you have no other options. It has as many negative health effects as it has positive ones.

    On the alternative front..

    Look into large doses of methyl cobalamin/B12, get your DHEA-S levels checked and supplement if they are low. Find a strong extract of an herb called "Yerba Santa" or Eriodictyon angustifolium...it really cleared up my lungs from long term chronic bronchitis with low level asthma. Haven't had bronchitis for years now.

  9. Cool info Bio!

    I'm already doing about 2000-2500 mcgs of B12 per week for allergies. If I bump that up (how much?), do you think it would help the asthma too??? That really would be a freaking miracle!

  10. I know that they're systematic , i was prescribed them for allergic hives and my husband hated me when I took it. It made me have no patience and I got a puffy look. But it can be a life saver for a severe attack of asthma.

  11. My son takes Xopenex,pulmicort and albuterol when needed.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by CRUNCH View Post
    Cool info Bio!

    I'm already doing about 2000-2500 mcgs of B12 per week for allergies. If I bump that up (how much?), do you think it would help the asthma too??? That really would be a freaking miracle!
    If you're still having asthma symptoms at that dose, using more would likely not improve things but you can always try. Gets pricey though.

    Maybe add some of that Poseidon in...it really seems to be keeping my allergies at bay all by itself. I ran out of M-B12 a few months ago. Magnesium has strong role in immunomodulation.


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