Top 10 8-Bit Games

  1. Top 10 8-Bit Games

    VIDEO: TOP TEN 8-BIT GAMES - The Last Boss

    This is the most accurate list I have ever seen

  2. Where's the Last Ninja? Where's Project Firestart? Airborne Ranger? Defender of the Crown?

    8 bit CONSOLE games maybe. '8 bit games' should include the greatest 8 bit gaming machine of all time, IMO - the Commodore 64.


  3. Shinobis in there im happy.

  4. No Metro****no credibility.

  5. Wow, that is the best list ever IMO.

  6. Totally agree with metroid. Shinobi is a killer game too.

  7. I think Metroid would have been innovative enough at the time to warrant making the list, I cant remember anything like it at the time of release

  8. Does anyone remember that game, basketball nightmare?
    Loved that game, was about a kid who had a highschool basketball final on the next day and he has nightmares about playing basketball against teams of ghouls, zombies, wolves etc.

  9. ive never heard of that, sounds awesome though! Ill see if I have the rom on my emulator at home

  10. MEKA - Gallery

    Phantasy star, golden axe warrior, old favorites. <3

    Wonder boy 3 was cool too (16bit)

  11. Quote Originally Posted by CNizz View Post
    ive never heard of that, sounds awesome though! Ill see if I have the rom on my emulator at home
    I haven't played with an emulator in a a version of MAME in my PC somewhere....where the hell is it?!??!?

  12. tecmo bowl and punch out
    wow that brings me back

  13. shinobi...werd!!!


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