Most of us are living lives where we are too busy running around, worrying about our future. We miss out on so much of our present lives and the joy and fun we could be having because we worry about the future. In times of stress and serious illness we are constantly worried and that puts pressure on our mind and our bodies and it can lead to even more illness and more stress. Just imagine if we rest our mind through meditation we are allowing whatever problem's that are present in our body to heal themselves without the added stress of constantly worrying about them.
When we learn to meditate, we learn how to get rid of stress, worries, fear, anger, and emotional traumas we get from other people hurting us. Meditation can heal us and help us feel more relaxed and live our lives filled with joy and happyness. It makes us easier to get along with our family, friends, our co-workers and other people around us. With meditation, we learn to bring back focus in our lives and this focus helps us to make the right decisions that we need for our happiness.
When our bodies are worked really hard, we get aches and pains. We need to rest the body so it can recuperate from the stress and physical strain we have put it through. If we don't our bodies can become ill. How about our spiritual bodies? What kind of rest we give to our mind? How many of us have sleeping disorders, because we can't relax and find peace, we keep thinking about what happened today or day before or will happen tomorrow, we just can't let it go... With meditation we can slow the mind down and relax it to such a level that it gets the chance to have a good rest.