Did too much cardio

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  1. By the way my knee is still making that crunching noise.

  2. I made a mistake in my previous post about the number of steps in 5 miles. Today was my first day and I did 14, 719 steps in my walk. This was 6.453 miles. Good walk except for the crazy ass golden retriver who sounded like he wanted to kill me for walking past him!.

  3. I donít quite understand this problem. I only know swimming is a good solution.

    Do you think yoga would help you? Because it can improve your flexibility and burning fat.at the same time. I understand yoga isnít really a cardio but if fat burning is the purpose you do cardio, may be yoga is another solution.

    Anyway, good luck.

  4. Get a cardio DVD and so it on a carpet in your socks?

  5. You bumped a 4 year old thread LOL, no biggie though, it shows you're using the search feature and that's a good thing.

    Inclined walking has been the best solution for me. Swimming is pretty good too. Stationary bike isn't crazy on the knees either.

  6. rock on brotha

  7. I worked in Orthopedics for several years and what you have is extremely common, specially with females. Your options are to strengthen the inside part of your quad(if that makes sense) a physical therapist can work with you on this, and have them teach you stuff u can do on your own because PT like everything else medical is expensive, whats going on is your outer quad is so strong its pulling your knee cap out of track, another thing you can do is ask ur orthopedist for a brace that slides ur knee cap back into place using a velcro strap and some padding. Its called a "patella tracking brace" Good luck, and don't worry about the copay ;]

  8. Top left corner of each post.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
    Top left corner of each post.
    Top right if on the app. Regardless I think you owe us an update on your 7 year old problem.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by todd muelheim View Post
    Top right if on the app. Regardless I think you owe us an update on your 7 year old problem.
    I don't even remember this. Not even a little.

  11. This is BS. We wait on pins and needles for 7 long years and now you don't remember?!

  12. Which board sponsors sell nootropics? I think maybe that might be something worth looking into.


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