sound off if you've used buyb12 or lion Nutrition

  1. sound off if you've used buyb12 or lion Nutrition

    This thread is for everyone who has used buyb12 or lion Nutrition. We want to know what your experience’s have been......So we can make any changes to provide a better service experience......

    Thanks to all who have supported us

  2. mm never heard of you, interested in hearing what products you plan to come out with and what bases you are seeking to touch? prohormones, protein, or all around. cool/different name, excited to see what you guys put out.

    give us the good **** for cheap for us common-hardworking-souls.

  3. Talking list of products to come

    Products that we will be caring in the future are as follows

    B12....HA HA
    Bacteriostatic Water
    Disposable Sharp containers
    BD alcohol wipes
    Milk thistle
    Multi-vitamin packs.
    Suma root
    Micronized Creatine
    Whey protein….
    Saw Palmetto Extract
    Hydro chloride
    Crannberry Extract
    Ginger Root
    Digestive Enzymes
    Creatine mono hydrate
    MC 2 amino formula
    Liquidfinastride ( for research )
    liquid clomid ( for research )
    liquid Nolvadex ( for research )

  4. check your email buy b12

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