Need help general storing/preserving info!??

  1. Need help general storing/preserving info!??

    Ok it's really a simple question. I have liquid chlomid, liquid toremifene, and liquid nolvadex. I will have to hold on to this for another 4 months which should be around the time of my pct so that's clearly a long time. Should I only store it in the fridge? Should I freeze them? Is there another better way to preserve these? What exactly should I do to preserve these until then? Let me know.

  2. Cmon now all I need is one response for this and I'll be happy. Holla!

  3. why dont you move this thread to the steroids or post cycle therapy section of the forum its more apropiate for those sections and it could get a better answer there . The General Chat section is not the place to ask advice of Research chems and PCT

    i dont think its a good idea to freeze them. A small amount is going to evaporate if you openned the vials/container but not all of it

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