Cheap DVDs

  1. Cheap DVDs

    If I had to use two words to describe me, they would be Cheap and DVDS. It made more sense in my head. Anyways, many Gamestop locations are liquidating all of their DVDs because they are "unprofitable" and selling Buy 2, Get 2 Free, so now I'm broke.

  2. yea i have 200+ dvds, then my son was born and now blu-ray came out, oy
    time to sell em off

  3. i have over 700 so im just going to pretend there is no blu ray

  4. well if 90% of em are p0rn, they're keepers
    people seem worried about p0rn in HD, i guess investing in makeup stocks may be a good idea

  5. lol yeah thats always been my biggest concern =D



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