back surgery

  1. back surgery

    Most know it's been a long time since i have posted and most know my medical issues ,(thyroid cancer, knee issues, broken foot).......

    I went to the dr's today (ortho) because my good knee is hurting, so I tell her my whole issue. Now last week i tweaked my back or so i thought, so she being a good dr tells me "let's just get some x-rays to be safe of your knee/back"....I think ummm ok....Not needed but why not............

    I get the results, I need back surgery on my lower lumbar like yesterday, she is surprised I am walking..........Ohhh and my knee, let's get a MRI on the both and do the knee surgery this summer, and wait for the back......I was like HUH??? I only tweaked something, well according to her, I dont have anything back there to tweak............

    My question, back surgery scares me, anyone ever had it????? and if so?? lower lunbar??? and what is the recovery time.................

    I tell ya I am getting really pissed off.getting in shape is suppossed to be good for you, not hazardous...................

  2. Is there an underlying problem causing all these issues, or just bad luck. Only reason i ask is my doctor addresses individual problems sometimes instead of putting "two and two together" and finding possible underlying issues. Ill send you some good karma, by taking a moment to wish something positive for you, its all i have to offer, good luck.

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