A Spartan Workout ~Gerard Butler

  1. A Spartan Workout ~Gerard Butler

    Well like many I saw 300 on Friday and like all who have seen it and those who will see it all I can say is that it went beyond my expectations. I felt it wasn't just a blood shedding massacre 24/7 (dont get me wrong it had plenty of very well done battle scenes that were mezmorizing) but also had a nice touch of what Spartan's were about, a bit of history (this specific story/part of history has always mesmerized me and is the one battle I find I can never learn too much about.)

    Sorry dont want to go into a whole review so Ill just cut to the point.

    I was at the gym after seeing 300 and a radom gym goer was in the weight room talking about box squats with a trainer when he brought up the fact that 300 was amazing and that he had seen the workout that Gerad Butler (who plays King Leonidas) went through to prepare for the film 300.

    "Either way, it's the reason Butler enlisted the help of Mark Twight, a former world-class mountain climber who, based on personal experience, believes in training as if your life depends on it. In fact, Twight would argue that a good workout should make you feel almost queasy upon hearing what lies ahead. For example, to hasten Butler's mind-body transformation, he created what he calls the "300-rep Spartan workout." (Trust us, 100 reps is plenty hard.) (*2) It goes like this: Without resting between exercises, Butler performs 25 pullups, 50 deadlifts with 135 pounds, 50 pushups, 50 jumps on a 24-inch box, 50 floor wipers (*3), 50 single-arm clean-and-presses using a 36-pound kettle bell, and 25 more pullups. All this, in addition to utilizing other unconventional yet equally taxing training methods, such as tire flipping and gymnastics-style ring training. Sound like hell? It is. In fact, upon receiving his marching orders for a Spartan workout, one of Butler's costars told Twight, "It feels like you just killed my dog.""
    Character Builder - Men's Health (rest of the article from Mens Health)

    I just thought some would get a kick out of the workout which does seem very intense and if you have seen 300 it did put Butler into shape to not disgrace the role of playing King Leonidas.

    On a parting note and just for some more Spartan inspirtation I just leave it off on this quote from the novel The Spartans by Cartledge. It was said by a Persian General following the victory at the battle of Thermopylae upon realizing what they would be facing

    "what kind of men are these against whom you have brought us to fight? Men who do not compete for money, but for honor."

  2. Pfft. That's nothing compared to my workout of 200 pushups and 400 situps whilst screaming "SPARTA!" in between each.

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