Top Ten Borat Moments

  1. Top Ten Borat Moments



  2. the Borat/Azamat fight was one of the funniest/gross scenes ever filmed.

  3. I was all excited to see it...but it really wasn't all that good...I think the best part was me dropping it into the mailbox and getting evil dead 2 in return...

  4. when he sang the Na, anthem at the rodeo

  5. "SO what your saying wife is dead?.....HIGHFIIIVE" - Borat

    The hotel...I thought it was funny....oh well
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  6. wait... ^ that was funny...

  7. Ali G season 1 - In khazikstan, we laugh when we hear the name Bush because bush means the hair around the testasexual. And Barbara means to eat. So when you say Barbra Bush it means to eat the hair around the testisexuals.


  8. The movie was hilarious, although it brought gayness to a level I had never been exposed. I did spend half the movie running around my house like a little girl trying to outrun the bad scenes!
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  9. Loved the film, wouldn't have worked in any other country either.

  10. Finally saw it on DVD, the wife wouldnt watch it with me in theaters. I am glad I didnt watch it in theaters now though since i wouldnt want my ass kicked for laughing at something anyone else might find inappropriate


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