UFC Tommorow night!

  1. AlexParty
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    UFC Tommorow night!

    Alright boyyyzz, it's UFC tommorow. Can't wait to see Vitor fight! Does anyone follow UFC?

  2. Didn't Rico lose to Vitor last month? I can't remember..

  3. I got free direct-tv so i definately watch it

  4. Hell yea, I follow UFC! This one's gonna be awsome too. To bad I have to work tonight. They'll replay it all month on directv, so I'll see it another day. I get all PPVs free also!LOL!

  5. Hacking rules, specially when it's legal to do in canada.

  6. Originally posted by Kitchen Chemist
    Hacking rules, specially when it's legal to do in canada.
    Thats no lie, I ordered my card reader a few months ago from Canada. My buddy is the hook up for the programs.....I'm in hog heaven (according to my wife)....wrestling, cage fighting, porn. Woooooooo!

  7. Agreeed, it's getting harder now though, they shutting down tons of websites, everyone i've paid a subscription to has been shut down. Now i use freeware but it's up time is short lived.

  8. How are the UFCs these days? I used to love them. After the 9th & 10th ones they seemed to have lost their flare.

  9. Still lots of great fights to watch!
  10. AlexParty
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    Yup, agree winds. I don't want to pay though so I'm gonna have to find a friend who's got that black box.

  11. Black boxes still work in montreal? You guys didn't go digital? Mine hasn't worked in years!
  12. AlexParty
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    Well I'm sure everyone has that digital or wehatever modern wave of illegal viewing, I'm old school with that so I don't know much. I just remember having a box called the black box. Those were great times

  13. Great times, that they were, i got one for christmas from my uncle like 10 years ago, almost cried when they went digital... Then came directv muhahaha

  14. Originally posted by Kitchen Chemist
    I got free direct-tv so i definately watch it

    haha me to
  15. AlexParty
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    Whats the diff with digital and black box...or a better question, what is the modern day black box called???

  16. Black box was just a cable descrambler. I have direct tv which is only available in the states to subscribe to, and i have a loader to program my satellite cards for free service.
  17. AlexParty
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    ok cool, hmm do u pay anything monthly?

  18. Nope, bought the satellite and card and then bought a loader seperately. There's ton's of free programs out there, i signed up to a couple of sites that offer programs and they stay valid a lot longer.
  19. AlexParty
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    So pay per view is free and all that other stuff?

  20. i dont know one person that i can get a good hookup with, is there a company that you can buy the black boxes from? i was thinking of going to satellite because cable is gettting rediculously expensive.
  21. AlexParty
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    Ya that's true, it is but I dont watch enough tv for satellite.


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