What's up with cyber-rights?

  1. What's up with cyber-rights?

    Anyone know? These guys are up and down like a friggin yo-yo. THey happen to be down again right now as I type this. Anyone know of a better sercure e-mail addy to use?

  2. Figures. They're back up now. Still, any better ones out there?

  3. not sure, I heard they were down yesterday too, sporadically. Somebody plug it back in!!

  4. LOL, you know when you use mice to power the servers, things happen

  5. ziplip.com

  6. ziplip is not secure. It transfers you IP inside the message headers

  7. LOL someone I know on here is going to be upset about that. I use hushmail and a proxy. not that I'm too concerned with secure emails these days.

  8. Hushmail is run by Cyber-Rights..

    KeptPrivate seems to be a good one, might get one myself..


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