AM I need your help.

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    AM I need your help.

    Bobo said it was OK that I post this, so I wanted to say a big thanks to him for letting me do this.

    A local girl here where I live needs our help. Her name is Angel Dean and she has been diagnosed with cancer. Her father lost his job, her mother quit her job to take care of Angel and the medical bills are piling up. I am taking PayPal donations to give to the family, so if you wish to make a donation, one can be made to: [email protected] via Paypal. Here is the story:

    Angel's cancer is family fight : Local News : Evansville Courier Press

    Here is her website: Angel in Need

    The first tumor they removed was the size of a soccer ball, and now smaller tumors have started to grow. You can also make a direct donation via her site, however I was hoping to bring a big lump sum to her family, care of all of us here.

    Thank you all for your time.

  2. Done. Very good of you man to do this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DmitryWI View Post
    Tatoopierced, take a look at my signature (myspace account). I have Brian sitting next to me and I just asked him about this girl. Anyway, ask her to run few more tests because they might come back very different...(meaning they won't find cancer anymore).
    Do you know her personally or just heard of her?
    I know her through high school.

  4. Thats really tough man, I'll send the link out on myspace for you too



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