24 fans - What do think of Day 6?

  1. 24 fans - What do think of Day 6?

    I don't watch too many network TV shows but really enjoy 24. However, I've got to say that Day 6 has been pretty predictable and a little flat. I thought the bomb going off and Jack's fathers role in the master plot was pretty obvious. The constant twists and interagency antagonists have become annoying anymore. The most interesting parts of the show to me have always been the tough choices that Jack has to make and when he is pushed into doing something extreme for the greater good (ie cutting off Chase's hand in Season 3 or shooting the guys wife to get info from him in Season 5) . There haven't been as interesting of moments in this Season to me. Maybe it's just the concept and style of the show that was destined to eventually fizzle?

    I'm not giving up on this season yet but I'm hoping it will improve. What do you guys think?

  2. Haven't watched much of it yet. I'm saving all to DVR, then planning a 24 marathon when its done. (or maybe sooner)

  3. Ahh 24 is amazing, along with House best shows on TV.

    **Little bit of a spoiler to those who are taping so dont read if you avent seen the episodes**
    I agree that compared to the previouse days its been a little bit flat but to me the story line is developing pretty well. For me it seems that the devleopment of this season is that of one thats trying to be more realistic than years past. Every thing that has occured so far seems more feasible in the Jack Bauer LA but still has that badass quality (biting the terrorists throat, etc.) The one thing I didnt really like was the way they killed off Curtis. Its not even so much they killed Curtis (although I really liked him) but they seemed desperate for a way to kill someone in a shocking way, but I mean come on he wont not kill him because of what happened to his men.. I dont know that seemed a little off quilt.

    I still am anticipating another great season of 24 to come in day 6, just started off a little bit slower than ussual. I would not be at all nervouse for a disapointing season of 24 because the words disapointing and 24 dont go together

  4. **Spoilers for those taping
    Damn, I forgot about the throat biting. That was classic Bauer. We'll see how the season develops.

    House is great show too, OCC.

  5. So far its good but not as good as Season 2 or 5. I think it will pick up they had this same problems with Season 4 but the came on strong at the end.



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