pre-paid cell phones do they have....

  1. pre-paid cell phones do they have....

    sim cards? im sick of cell phone and wwas looing at soem of the prepaids available as i only seem to be calling my gf anymore and was wondering if they had sim cards so i can transfer my numbers and what not

  2. I have a TracPhone. It doesn't use a Sim card. Some of them do though, I had to find out by calling tech support. By the way their tech support is really bad to say the least....Anyway the tracphone is no thrills, no pictures, no video, just a phone...Thats all I need it for though.

  3. t-mobile and cingular does carry sim operated phones, if anything, the sales person can transfer your #'s to your new sim with a sim transfer contraption.

  4. yea i am going to have to find out...i figured this is also a easy way to just buy a new cell instead of using ebay to pay for a unlocked phone

  5. yeah, unlocked phones are a bit expensive, it also depends on where are you located at.
    In, nyc, unlocked phone with service are usually pretty cheap



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