tips for razor burn

  1. tips for razor burn

    I have been shaving my chest and arms recently. My chest has broken out from what looks like razor burn. anyone have a aftershave or shaving cream they use that gets rid of this better that the typical face aftershaves? i like the look of a clean chest - just looks really bad with the red bumps and zits on it.

  2. what kind of razor/shaving cream are you using? that could be it right there. i use gillette's shaving gel with extra moisturizers and sensor excel razor. never have any probs with razor burn there....

  3. when i first started i used nothing bc my arms never broke out or anythihng. my chest broke out so i got some neutrogena bc it sayd right on the front it prevents and gets rid of razor burn - softest shave i have ever had but my rash is still there . i also just started my transdermal again and that was my favorite spot to rub it on - guess my arms will have to do for now.
  4. Razor Burn Relief

    Try BUMP DOWN, it is Awesome! Def a great way to get rid of any skin redness or irritation.

  5. Try using a hair removal cream like veet, or nair.



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